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Exercise Relieve Pain

20 Years of research shows that exercise relieves pain

Physical Activity has a very important role if you want to ease your pain all kinds of places in your body. The doctors behind the research recommend exercise and physical activity for treatment of all kinds of diseases e.g.  diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Anyway many people do not follow these recommendations because of joint pains and fear of that exercise will make it even worse. But now 20 years of  research has clearly shown that exercise is an excellent pain reliever.

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Two simple rules

There are two simple “Pain Rules” you should follow:, du bør følge:

  • The pain after exercise should be tolerable.
  • You should not experience increasing pain from your exercise day to the next.

Your pain should be evaluated every day after exercise on a scale from 1 – 10., where:

  • 0 to 2 is: Harmless pain
  • 2 to 5 is: Bearable pain
  • 5 to 10 means: Avoid this kind of exercise.

Here is an example:

Your ordinary pain experience is “3”. After the exercise you experience the pain as “5”. That is fine.

But if your usual pain experience is “3”, and you after exercise feel the pain like “7”, then you have overworked your body and that of course is not good. Then you have to take it more easy next time.

If your pain experience after exercise is “5”, but only “3” the next morning, then everything is just fine.

But if your pain experience is “5” after your exercise, and still is “4” or “5” the next morning, then you have overworked and you have to take it more easy next time.

Keep on exercising, but not as intense and exhausting.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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