Gardening Is Healthy Therapy

You can really feel it when something is good for your body and soul. It is good to have that feeling with many things of course. Life is really about being good to yourself.

I have that feeling in many situations. Especially when I am physically active. When I walk, run or am biking in a beautiful nature. When I am at the beach and swimming in the ocean. And of course, what this article is all about, growing things in your own garden.

Feeling the “nature” around you in your own garden, cooperate with it, form it and grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers that is just a magnificant and healthy feeling for body and soul.

Biodynamic Nonprocessed food is the future and the very best food you can get. I am not a vegetarian, but I really try to eat more and more plants and less meat and I can feel it is the right thing to do for my body and my wisdom according to sustainability.

I am making a new experience in my garden. I have recently made my own greenhouse and are growing three different kinds of crops.

Two different tomatoes, red pepper and a chili. Actually it is a very speciel kind of chili. It is called “Penis Chili” and I dont know if I dare taking it into my mouth…..and it is not because of it´s strenght…..;o)


Love, Health And Wisdom


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