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I Am Grateful

Are You Grateful?

I hope that there always are something to be grateful for in Your World…

It is a very good quality to have the ability to be grateful for yourself and all the things you have around you. A while ago I wrote an article about gratitude. There are many bebefits of gratetude and being grateful.

This article is almost about the same. Yet again I have to express my own gratetude for what I have and for what I experience each day. When I live my “luxurious” life I always think about what I have and what others don´t. I am so privileged to live in Denmark. It is a very rich country, lots of opportunities for everyone and the system are taking care of you if you are in difficulties. But yet of course there are many people who are living with very low quality of life even in Denmark.

If you have much

love, passion, compassion, things and money

Always remember to give to others,

the love and good vibrations will spread

and make world a better place

and you will feel better too.

You will get closer to real happiness.

I am grateful almost every day. If it is not there naturally, I often recall it and then I get this lovely feeling of happiness and then I also get this feeling of sadness for those who are not happy every day. To those I send my best loving and warm energy.

Below I have taken some pictures of what I am grateful of today…

Beauty for your eyes

and wellness for your nose

Billedresultat for Grateful

I wish you the best day ever and tomorrow too…


Love, Gratitude and Wisdom


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