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The Three T´s


Things Takes Time

That is just the way it is. Patience is a good thing no matter what you want to achieve or make in the world.

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, then the three T´s really are in the center, because changing lifestyle with old habits, is one of the most difficult things to do. Here you just have to hang in and be patience over a longer time to see the results that you have fought for.

Billedresultat for things takes time

We live in what I call “a microwave society” where we want everything now, not tomorrow, but right now. We want instant success. Instant wealth. Instant perfect body. Instant different kinds of fruits and vegetables from around the world all year around. Instant this and that. And of course we preferably want it without putting too much work in.

I believe this is much thanks to the internet and social media where it looks as if everyone’s life is perfect and where none of the reality is shared. We only see the end-result or what appears on the outside. If there were more focus on the process getting there, more people would understand how much effort there were into all the results.

Sadly, too many, especially in the online world, is trying to sell us only the end-result and that you too can succeed overnight if you just buy their course, their book or their material. I know you know better than that. But it affects you more than you are aware of.

Are there those that succeed building a 6-figure business in 6 months? Yes. But quite often it’s because they either worked a 100 hours a week and hit it so hard they didn’t know what was up and what was down, or because they had prior knowledge that took years to accumulate.

Zappos? If you haven’t read the story behind that please do. Zappos was on the brink of shutting down so many times for years due to lack of funds, even after Tony Hsieh sold pretty much everything he owned to fund the company and secure other funding.

Tesla? At one point Elon Musk sold everything he owned to save the company and had to borrow money to pay rent.

We all know the story behind Harry Potter, Amazon and other now big names and how long they had to deal with rejection and not being profitable, taking years and even a decade to become the success we saw. And it is the same changing your lifestyle – e.g. loosing weight.

Billedresultat for things takes time

Pretty much anyone you see having succeeded doing what you want to do have a not so pretty story behind that. A story of hard work, frustrations, defeat, wins, failure, another win, more hard work, crap how will I pay the bills this month to let’s have real sushi tonight.

Can you speed up your path to success? Absolutely. Hire awesome coaches, mentor, join masterminds and surround yourself with people smarter than you. Ask others how they did it. Read books, take a course in marketing, influence, and sales.

Success takes time, hard work, knowledge, grit and determination to make it happen. It’s not a straight arrow. It’s a roller-coaster of so many ups and downs.

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Plus remember, your situation may be completely different that someone else’s. It’s easier for a single person with few responsibilities to hustle pretty much non-stop than someone with a family and kids. It’s easier for someone who has the cash flow to hire the kind of help they need to go places faster than for someone who doesn’t. It’s easier for someone who has years of prior knowledge to package their knowledge into an online course to succeed faster than someone who is just starting out trying to figure out what they want to teach.

Both feet on the ground and put one foot in front of the other, seek out and hire the best to your ability, surround yourself with people smarter than you and that have done what you want to do, and believe in yourself.

Most of all, remember as you’re working on your dreams and goals that all great things take time.

Make a plan, stick to it, be patient and trust that you will see the results in the end. On your ways in the process it is important that you get feedback from people with good experience.

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