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Inner Peace through your body

Billedresultat for find your inner peace through the skills of your body

Always on the move. Always on my way to achieve something. I set myself many goals. I want, I want, I want to have it, get it because it gives me prestige, acknowledgement and happiness. That is what I think, that is what I feel. But does it give me inner peace? Does it really give me real happiness, pleasure and peace in my soul?

Billedresultat for find your inner peace through the skills of your body

You have to be YOU

In every present moment

Because nobody is youer than YOU

In your body and soul commitment

Billedresultat for find your inner peace through the skills of your body?When we know how to take control over our emotions at this point, we are in control and have  the ability to think clearly. This knowing and skill saves our health and gives inner peace. You can learn to take control.

Billedresultat for find your inner peace through the skills of your body

A way to find that inner peace is to be good friends with your body. You have to learn to be 100% part of your body. Your body and soul has to be fully connected and work together. Therefore you have to find the FLOW with your body through different kinds of activities.

“You have a choice. Live or die. Every Breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.”

Chuck Palahniuk

To get there you have to learn how to breathe right. Breathing is your anchor. Breathe as deep as you can and try to feel your whole body at the same time. Feel the great force your posses.

There is a way to access your inner peace instantly when you find yourself suddenly in a situation which makes you feel stressed, worried and overwhelmed. It is good to know that we have to think positive, however when your body is under pressure and tensed it is nearly impossible to access those ‘positive’ thoughts. As your breathing changes to shallow and blood doesn’t receive enough oxygen, your brain is not working clearly. Your body creates a state of emergency, this state is good when you have real danger in life, as it gives you strength to fight and defend yourself. However in today’s world we get this state too often and it just damages our health. In this short article, I’ll show you the way to access your inner peace instantly with a simple method of breathing. It will help you in difficult situations and give you power, clear mind and calmness to deal with the situation.

When we are suddenly faced with stressful emotions, where there is no real danger ? we can apply these 2 STEPS:

1. Identify the way you breathe. There are 2 ways of breathing and I’ll give you the differences, so you can identify what way you are using.

2. Switch the Breathing. You will know how to switch your breathing and I’ll give you easy instructions, so you can practise.

?How to identify the way of breathing?

1. Stressful Way of Breathing.

When you breathe in, your chest rises and when you breathe out, it falls. As you are breathing using your chest muscles, it is tiresome and they can’t inflate the lungs as well as the diaphragm. And as your brain needs more oxygen in a stressful situation, to be able to think clearly, you start breathing much faster. This fast and shallow breathing actually is not helping you to get calm, it makes you more stressed and anxious. It seams that you are breathing in a way that there is not enough air available. At this same time your body produces poisonous chemicals, which accelerate aging, damages health and effects general well being.

2. Relaxed Way of Breathing.

When you breathe in your belly rises and when you breathe out ? it falls. Long and deep breathing. You are using your diaphragm, which easily expands your lungs and you have enough oxygen, so you can think clearly and be calm. The rhythm of the breathing is steady. When you watch a baby sleep and you see the baby’s belly rising up when it breathes in, down when it breathes out. That is the relaxed way of breathing. The air is sufficient and the state of body is relaxed. You know already what it is and do it naturally when you yawn or sigh.

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Pure joy of movement is how Debbie Hanoka describes salsa dancing. She says the energy of both the crowd and her partner help her stop thinking about what happened five minutes ago and get her to focus on what?s happening on the dance floor. ?It feels like a rollercoaster where you don?t know what?s coming next so you just let it happen and go with it,? she says.

For those who can?t lose themselves in the pumping and pounding of cardio and weights, yoga offers the ultimate opportunity to experience a ?be here now?-type mind-body connection. For Pip Coburn, a marathoner who?s recently turned to yoga for some balance in his workout routine, the flow in yoga is truly about being present in the moment. ?There are times when I forget that there is anyone else in the class and all I hear is the instructor?s voice guiding me and encouraging me,? he says. ?There is just this moment. And all?s right with the world.?

It makes sense that swimming and flow go together for so many people. You?re cushioned, soundproofed and soothed by the water. There?s no crowded fitness class to contend with?it?s just you slicing through the water. Cait Drap, a triathlete who trains with Full Throttle, the elite triathlon team at New York City?s Chelsea Pier?s Sports Center, says flow didn?t always come easily, but now she relishes her time in the pool. ?Usually it takes a little warm up to get that feeling of flow,? she says. But when I reach it, I can stay there forever. Then it?s just kick, pull and go.?

Running is often referred to as a moving meditation. For people like Tina Gowin, an avid half marathoner, it?s almost hypnotic. ?When I first started running, I was always very aware of every move my body made,? she remembers. ?I worked on my form and at a certain point, my body learned a specific rhythm. I didn?t have to think about every move anymore. Now some of my runs feel more like a daydream, and I finish up thinking, ?Wow, did I just do all that???

Placing one foot in front of the other is an easy way for just about anyone to achieve flow. While it?s possible to do this walking on flat pavement, Kathy Aleoba takes it one step further (so to speak) by hiking up steep mountain trails. Her flow comes from what she calls a ?freedom of the hills.? She says: ?There?s a moment where you let go and start to trust your feet. I stop overthinking everything and just feel the movement.?

SeKiFi will also give you flow and inner peace in every way. I guarantee that. See you in august ;o)

Sekifis billede.


Love, Health And Wisdom




Love, Health And Wisdom


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