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Torshavn Foggy Run

When I am in The Faroe Islands, I am in a kind of training camp. I go training nuts in the mountains with the fantastic fresh air. But sometimes it is so foggy that it is very dangerous to go up in the mountains. Today I didn´t dare to do it. You can see how foggy it was today.

But even in Torshavn there is a fantastic nature as you can see. Imagine the smell of fresh sweet grass. It is like it gives you extra power.

The pictures just above is from a beautiful place in Torshavn called Boanes.

At every picture you see I have taken 20 push-ups. Remember to strengthen your upper body every time you run.

In the first picture above, you can see the only campsite in Torshavn. 20 years ago when i first came to The Faroe Islands there were almost nobody at the campsite. Now it is filled up with mainly french, dutch, german, danish and english tourists.

Above you can see “Skansin”. Skansin is a historic fortress located on a hill near the harbor in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. After the city was nearly being attacked by pirates, Skansin was built to protect the city against enemy attacks around 1580 on the initiative of Magnus Heinason. The fortress got the current design including 21 guns in 1790. Skansin was active as a fortress until 1865, where the military on the Faroe Islands was converted into a police force. Then for a period used as policestation and prison. In 1884 a red lantern warning shipping was established and in 1909 the lighthouse was build.
During WW2 the Faroe Islands was occupied by the British, and they had their headquarters at Skansen. During this period, the fortress was reinforced with 2 modern guns.
A few years ago, Skansen was restored, so there is now an old guardhouse and the two guns from the WW2 as well as some Danish iron ore guns from the 1782nd.

The only trees in Torshavn is in The Plantation close to “Listasavn” and the Stadion. It is a very cozy and beautiful place.

It this time we are at 380 push-ups. I think that´s it for today. The run ended at 11 km. 250 meters up and 260 down. 130 meters above sea level. Thank you for joining me.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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