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Special Places

We can conserve most of life on Earth by protecting the most exceptional ecosystems and habitats. Places that are particularly rich in biodiversity. Places with unique animals and plants. Places like no other.

Why these places?

These regions have been scientifically identified as:

  • being home to irreplaceable and threatened biodiversity, or
  • representing an opportunity to conserve the largest and most intact representative of their ecosystem.

We are also working in a number of regional priority areas that are locally important and have a long history of WWF conservation success.

There are many special places in the world, but what matters the most is the special places that you can go to in your everyday life. Special places are very important for our quality of life.

Special Places are places that brings up important feelings

and gives us meaning in life.

I have many of these places around me in my everyday life. One of them I will show you below. It is on may way to and from work each day. In the somertime I go here for a swim eather before or after work. That is pure wellness to me.

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