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Good food is fantastic, and you can eat lots of it. As the french put it: you don´t eat to live, you live to eat. But if you know that you eat to much of stuff, then fresh water can be very helpful to you. DRINK MORE WATER. Do it before you eat, in between you eat, when you eat. If your stomac is filled with water, well then there is no space for the food.

Fresh water is more important to us than food.

If you are thirsty – drink pure fresh water. That is absolutely the best you can drink, because it is the most natural for your body.

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Here there is a huge difference, where you are living in the world. Hundred of milions of people do not have clean drinking water. And the drinking water issue is going to be a bigger problem for the Earth´s purest people in the future if the wealthy part of the world are not going to help in that matter.

I live in Denmark and here we have plenty of groundwater whitch we filter and use as drinking water, but lately we have found huge amounts of pesticides in the drinking water. The pesticides comes from the agriculture and now it is a ticking bomb under our water supply.

Another issue is the plastic that surrounds everywhere.

The consequences from plastic is devastating…

and it affects our health and environment.

Plastic are making huge islands in the oceans around the world, but what is more worrying is all the plactic we can´t see – the micro plastic. It is everywhere and it comes into our bodies and makes us sick. New research has shown that, even if you are drinking from a plastic bottle, you are getting micro plastic from the bottle into your body.

I don´t want that, so no more plastic bottles and cups in my house. Well I know the red lid is made of plastic. I just think you shall be aware of this. The world is going in the right direction against plastic, but it is going way to slow. So we have to act much faster.

It is YOUR health that is at stake. Act now.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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