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The Penis Chili Is Still Coming

These days I am preparing my garden for winter. I can still harvest all different kinds of crops from my plants and herbs in october.


I love chili and tomatoes. These to kinds of plants gives the most delicious and healthy crops you can imagine fra july to november. This chili is medium hot and is called the penis chili because it looks like a …….penis.

Billedresultat for penis chili


I just love my fruit trees. Therefor it hurts to cut them down sometimes, but it is necesarry otherwise they will take up to much space in my garden.  Above in the left picture it is my plum tree and the bottom picture to the right it is my cherry tree before the cut down. Hopefully they will come strongly the next spring. The bottom picture to the left is my espalier pear tree.

Gardening time

is prime time.

A strong passion,

meditative state of mind

giving plants compassion

and leaving all other tings behind.


Love, Health And Wisdom




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