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How your brain creates meaning

Every single second each day, when you open your eyes to you shut them down at bedtime, you are bombarded with information from your surroundings.

It is your brain, that tries to give meaning to al the different kinds of information, you receive. But sometimes – if it gets disturbed – it makes mistakes.

An American research team has shown this by creating an optic illusion, that illustrates how the brain is working on creating meaning on something after is has happened.

This after processing from the brain is called postdiction. 

The researchers constructed illusion involves your visual and auditive sense and are the first of its kind to show how postdiction is working across different senses.

Are you ready to try it?

Because of the three bips, you hear, you will probably think, that you also saw three flash light too, but there where only two.

According the scientists, this shows how the brain is creating illusions about things, that has happened to give meaning to you. The brain tries to give you meaning all the time, even if it has to make an illusion. There were to flash lights, but your brain is telling you, that there were three.

This can help us to understand how the brain is working in general. This knowledge can help us to understand mental diseases, where some of them is about how the brain are perceiving and creating the world around us in a wrong way.


Which orange spot is the biggest?

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