How your brain creates meaning

The Most Healthy Food 4 – Calories

We are living in a time, where food has been reduced to a matter of calories. There are more focus on the calories in the food than where they come from.

The focus should be on the right calories – and plenty of them.

Our relationship to calories is not good in general – we combine calories with weight, overweight and dieting. With other words, we don´t want it.

This way of thinking is very wrong and should be changed immediately.

Food should be combined with nutritions.

Some of the calories we eat are wrapped in thousands of good heathy nutritions, that can protect us against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, prostate cancer, intestinal diseases etc. But there are also calories that exists in a combination with harmful substances, that increases the risk for the same diseases as mentioned above. These we have to reduce especially through a nutritious food. Therefore you may never reduce your food choice to only a matter of calories.

Food is not nutritious only because of one good thing in it.

Examples of that is cow milk. You can´t say that cow milk is healthy because it containes calcium, and that is why you have to drink it. Lots of different kinds of vegestables containes the same amount of calcium. So even our governmental health advisers are quite wrong here. You don´t need milk at all, only from mothers breast when you are a baby and small child. But that is because there are many others kinds of nutrients.

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How your brain creates meaning