Kender du historien med dine to ulve?

Snorkling in Croatia

Snorkling is fantastic. To hold your breath and dive to the bottom of the ocean, is a great and demanding challenge, especially if you go more than 5 meters down. Then you have to start thinking about equalize because of the pressure.

This is from Mimice in Croatia. It is not the Red Sea with multible diversity of beautiful life forms, but the water in Croatia is crystal clear and has the perfect temperature. It is a perfect place for beginners in snorkling. Especially for kids. The three of mine has done it in 2013 and 2016. 2017 we did it in Pelion, Greece, witch also is a fantastic place to do so.

Remember to pay more for better equipment.

After some good snorkling, this is just fantastic.

Can´t wait until next time…


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Kender du historien med dine to ulve?