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Human vs Animals

Animals suffer all the time at the hands of people, that’s because they’re lower on the food chain. Almost everything you own or do has harmed an animal in some way either directly or indirectly. I’m not just talking about pork chops. Habitat encroachment via urbanization, deforestation, collateral damage from natural resource utilization, pollution, all of it.

When animals die, we die too. Animals are needed for our own psychological well-being and we can learn a lot from them. We are that connected to other beings and that’s why we seek them out when times are tough.


It’s rarely a lack of knowledge and concrete data that result in animal abuse and unprecedented losses of biodiversity in what is called the “anthropocene“, a latter part of the “sixth extinction” to which we are the major contributors. Animal abuse and losses in biodiversity are bad for the animals and bad for us.

It is time to be aware

of what is really going on

around You,

and take action

in the right direction


YOU are responsible too.

What you do,

what you buy,

what you wear

and what you eat.




Love, Health And Wisdom


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Hvad (ud)danner vi de unge til