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Body 50 1 – Supercompensation

It can be rather tough getting older. You can´t do the same things any longer. You are getting slower, weaker, you feel pain all kinds of places in your body and your restitution time is longer.  That is just the way it is by nature and you really have to accept that. But it can be very hard to accept it. Here you have to focus on acceptance and adjustment. It is important to exercise all through your life. You have to adjust you way of training so it fits to your body. Do you know supercompensation? If not I will show it to you below. Supercompensation is an very important thing to know about when you are training.

When you are training you are breaking down your muscle cells. They are working for you, they are stressed and getting tired and damaged.

Therefore your muscle cells have to recover (Recovery) a period of 24-48 hours (depending) after your training. When your muscles have recovered, your cells are even stronger and better functioning than before your training. This is called the Supercompensation period. If you wait to long in the supercompensation period there is no supercompensation left and you return to where you started (return to baseline) or you can even go under your baseline.

The challenge when you get older is to find and respect the perfect recovery period. That can be very hard because habits are very strong, and we want to do, what we always have been doing, and we want to do that too. It is not always so easy to accept that we can´t do the same any longer. I know that from myself. I have always pushed my body to the limits and had good results in soccer, triathlon, biking, running, TaeKwondo, crossfit etc. But when you get older you just can´t get the same results any longer. Only in sports that demands good endurance e.g. Ironman, marathon etc. But here you really have to be aware of the strain on your heart. There is a balance in everything. Also in training. That is what you have to adjust as well on everything else. That also applies to what you are eating. You can´t eat the same amount of things that you used to do and you have to work harder to burn the calories.

Well I am still fighting a battle to stay fit and healthy. I have started competing in OCR races. The next one I am training for is The Spartan Race Super in Madrid in the beginning of May 2019. You can follow my training and diet here and on Youtube (search for WiseMovement Body 50). I am 47 now and I have been training hard in sports since I was 6. I have several muscle and joint injuries. But I adjust. Just like you can.

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