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Spartan Training 1

If you like OCR then Spartan Races is something for you.

I have trained specific for the Spartan Race Super in Madrid since october. It is a good versatile training where you have to train your cardiovascular system, strength, motor system, flexibility and mental strength.

Yesterday I did a trail running in two forests nearby. It is very important that you run off road to get used to different kinds of surfaces. It is much more demanding for your muscles in your legs especially your muscles in your feet area and you also have to concentrate each time your set your feet. You have to be foresighted to e.g. on all the branches too.

When you run off road you have many options to used different kinds of obstacles. E.g. the branches to improve your strenght.

This run I finished with 2 x 50 Push Ups.

After my run it was time to bake my power buns. This time with Rosemary and hemp seed.

After you have worked hard and pushed your limits it is always good to have some wellness. You have deserved that ;o), so I jumped into the tub.

Smile enjoy life


Love, Health And Wisdom


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