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Heaven And Hell

Is there heaven? Is there hell? How is it there and what does it look like? Religions have made many pictures and words about it through history. I think it is all bullshit…..I think David Bowie is right…

Hell and heaven is right here in us, between us and everywhere around us. We are our own masters and creators of both. So what do you choose?

There are so many evil and bad people in the world. They are spreading hell around them. What do you do when you meet an evil person? Do you fight back or will you stay calm and think this person shall not have the pleasure of getting me angry? I will not waste my energy on him/her.

Or will you bring hell back on this person? Which way do you choose? What is the best way to teach these “hell-people” a lesson to come closer to heaven (if that is what you want)? Maybe some deserves to be deeper down in hell, but what good comes out of that?

Maybe the quiet ones are the manipulating ones……Do you know any? Maybe they are just so wise that they are observing all the good and bad things that goes around on this planet and chooses to see all the heavenly things….

Hope you are a “heaven-person” who spreads HEAVEN all around you every day.

If you live in heaven allmost everyday……then are you not closer to heaven after life?

Every day I meet “heaven-persons”, but yesterday I met a special one. A person who loves to make other people happy. She gets happy herself by doing something good for other people. That is truely a “HEAVEN-PERSON”. Thank you BKT. You most be an angel. In this case a very sporty angel ;o).


Love, Health And Wisdom


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