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Spartan Training 2

Are you training for a Race or are you just running and training for yourself without competing with others? If you want something else than just an ordinary run, then you have a great opportunity to sign up for an adventurous race, where you use your whole body.

There are several Spartan races all over the world. Go to the Spartan.com page and find a race that you will compete in.

When you run OCR (Obstacle Course Race) like Spartan Races you have to do versatile training. You have to train cardio, strength, motor skills, flexibility and mental health and attitude. This is what makes OCR training so demanding, but also motivating.

About your mental power it is always easier to train in a varied and beautiful landscape that gives you good possibilities and motivates you. Above and below it is my training in Greece.

Some people like the cold when they train. I love the heat. I usually run when it is 30 degrees celcius. Well ok then it is best, if I have the cooling ocean nearby.

Every kind of training matters in OCR-training. Below it is kayaking.

My favorite place to run is at the beach. It is a demanding place to run in the sand and all the stone obstacles……and the ocean is there ready to have a good swim in it.


Good training

I am going for Madrid in May. Maybe I will see you there?


Love, Health And Wisdom


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