Tuesday 30-4-19

Ordinary And Special Day 1-5-19

Because when you stop

and look around

life is pretty amazing.


This is the first of may in the rest of your life. For me it is soon Spartan Race time. The Super in Open category is waiting for me in Madrid this saturday the 4th. May. I am ready. Well I think I am ready. Now I have begun the very important restitution/recovery time. No more pushing limits during training before the race. Now only a little cardio and strength to keep the heart and muscles prepared.

I start the day with meditation, yoga and stretches. Then making coffee and eating my nuts mixture and drinking fresh lemon, ginger and beetroot juice. Then I am ready for my vegetables and fish cake.

Time for work. I have prepared training for my beloved Physical Education team. Nature Crossfit running at the beach. Then they deserve some cozy badminton afterwards.

Then meetings meetings and meetings……greeting the meetings. Big decisions to make for many humans. Then swimming lanes for body and brains.

In the afternoon I hope I deserve to do the relaxing position on the couch to the Champions League semifinals between Barcelona and Liverpool. I am a fan of both……what to do? May the best playing team win…

I wish you the best day. Well I wish that you will achieve the best from it and make world a better place. Today is a special occasion.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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