Ordinary And Special Day 3-5-19

The Spartan Race Super Adventure In Madrid

My first time Spartan Race, My first time Madrid.

The airport in Madrid, Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas in a beautiful one, but rather confusing especially when most of it is in spanish (have to learn that language some day).

When I am in foreign countries I usually use Hertz car rental. It just works for me. But just don´t crash or make any damage, then it costs big time. Therefore I am always a bit nervous when I drive around in these rental cars.

After 45 minutes driving to the nordwest of Madrid we came to the most beautiful mountain valley where the cozy city of Collado Mediano is placed. Pretty tired we found our pearl – Box Art Hotel – La Torre.


After a short walk in the little city it was time to get a good nights rest for the race saturday.

A great breakfast was included and then we drove the 20 km further nordwest to Los Angeles de San Rafael Segovia where the Spartan Race was located.

I was so ready.

Spartan races are very well organized. This one was no exception, though it was a little difficult to find the startline. Well when the adrenaline is pumping you can miss the signs ;o).

It was the best race I ever have competed in. The terrain was just fantastic in the stony mountain with lots of beautiful plants and the smell of lavender and thyme. On the course the were 30 great and demanding obstacles.

I felt like a winner 2 hours later.

The day after it was already travelling-home-to-the-cold-north-day. But before that we had to pay Madrid a visit OF COURSE.

Madrid is great – The Spartan Race was great. Thanks to my great little brother and the rest of the Spain I met.

Next Spartan Race will be in Berlin in september.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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Ordinary And Special Day 3-5-19