You Can Be A Spartan Too

Dances With Wolves


When I visit the Holstebro Area in the Western Jutland I just have to run in the beautiful nature. It calls for me. For the last about ten years there has come a new dimension into the nature over there. The wolves. People recommend that people should not walk or run alone in the woods, because of the wolves. But I do….

Some parts of the western Jutland can be rather flat and doll, but in this run I will bring you to some great places around the lake “Vandkraftsøen”. Maybe the wolves are there…….I am sure the sheeps are.

Everybody has great places to run. Even if you have to drive a little for it. Use your imagination to get a good active experience in the nature.

My body in pure presence in the nature. Listening you my heavy breathing accompanied with the birds singing and the wind in the trees.

If it is to hard for you to run then walk, and if you feel like it walk fast or run some moments in between.

Before I knew it I ran 15 km. Up and down, from side to side.

Every where you go, you can always use something to an exercise to improve your strength. Well it is not the best video……actually you can´t see what I am doing…..but I think you can quess it.

There is just something great about moving and climbing up to the top and having that great view over the landscape around you.

No wolves this time, but the prey where on the field……….me too???

This is the wild west……Where are the indians?

Springtime. New lives. Well I am not young anymore. But I feel alive and kicking and love life. This makes me feel alive. Hope you feel the same. If you don´t keep on doing things like this, then I am sure it will come to you.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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You Can Be A Spartan Too