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You Have The Force

You have the force – You just need to know how to bring it forward and use it.

Your body is a very powerful organism that contains about cells that are communicating with each other. Imagine of you could combine and develop that communication from your nerve cells (incl. brain cells) to the rest of the cells in your body. That is were the true power lies.

You have to make meditation a rutine. You have to find the best time a day to do it. When you have learned to breathe deeply and have incorporated the true feeling of yourself then you can meditate and use your power all the time, not just when you are sitting or lying.

I am telling you this because I care for you, the people around you and the world. There is no doubt that if all people love them self more there would be much more love in this world. It all starts with a healthy balanced self love. That love you need to find…..e.g. through meditation.

Self love is not narcissism. Self love is accepting you the way you are, finding your needs and passion (the true you) and living after it. Combined with making other people happy. Below you can see the effects of meditating.



Love, Health And Wisdom




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