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Ordinary And Special Day 5-6-19

Make every day a special day – also the ordinary ones.

Seize the day” is a translation of the Latin phrase Carpe diem (quam minimum credula postero), which means “Seize the day, put little trust in tomorrow”. In other words, enjoy yourself now.

So enjoy yourself and your everyday right now in this very moment reading this and strongly after too. This is your day like every other day.

My day began with the same amount of coffee like any other day…..but I really appreciate it very much each morning. Then some morning exercise and a great morning bike ride in the beautiful area around Vallø Slot. See what has just arrived to this world.

Swans and ducklings in the castlelake.

Today is election day in Denmark. We are going to choose a new government. It is the day of democracy. I want a greener Denmark with less polution, better social and health care, a better and more effective public system with less bureaucrazy. I want banks and companies to pay their fair share to a better environment and public system. I am no Robin Hood, but the rich people has so much, so it is only fair to share some with the poor.

It is really a special day today. It is also FATHERS DAY. I am excited to see if my boys remembers that…

Well there is still plenty of things to do before the election. I will go to the beach now with my Yorkie.

If you?ve ever read anything on the subject of self-care as an introvert or sensitive type personality, then you?ve probably see the advice to get yourself around nature. Spend time in the natural world, surrounded by the beauty of water, trees, and animals. Away from the chaos, connecting to the natural rhythms where the human chaos, stress, and busyness are making demands of you.

There is true restorative power in feeling at one with the rawness of nature. Being forced to slow down and unplug.

I find the benefits of unplugging, even just for two or three hours. It forces me to stop, to listen, to experience the immediacy and pureness of the present moment. And I finish feeling fully restored and charged by some deep groundswell of energy.

Spending Time With Your Own Nature

Nature is not just something ?out there? to go and be in. It?s not a magical place, the benefits of which we can only experience by leaving where we are.

In fact, I think one of the reasons spending time around natural beauty can be so powerful, is because it connects us to our own natural cores. When we are away from the pressures and stresses of a workplace, technology, and the demands of everyday life, something within us is resonating. Because well hey, we are natural beings. However much we might try to fight it. We are made of the same stuff as everything we might consider ?nature?.

5 Characteristics of Nature

The purpose of this episode is to think specifically about what these two sides look like for your own situation. We will address five aspects of nature that are true for all of us (despite our best efforts to nullify them). And we will think about how we can use them to our advantage, rather than as things that hold us back.

By understanding these factors in our lives, we will gain a sense of perspective about what truly matters (and what doesn?t), so that we can live with more time, less stress, and abundant sources of energy at our disposal.

  1. Energy
  2. Timing
  3. Seasons
  4. Environment
  5. Ecosystems

Spending time in nature is a great thing. When you?re told to ?get out? into nature, remember to start within. Experiencing the natural world starts when we experience our own natural preferences and rhythms. It?s about going inwards to recognise how it influences our own lives. Nature is something we must live in conjunction with, not something we try to go and find ?out there? as a way to escape the world.

Now I am going to the election and the beach again…it is pretty hot 32 degrees celcius….Exciting tonight, who is going to rule Denmark the next four years???


Love, Health And Wisdom



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