Ordinary And Special Day 5-6-19

Ordinary And Special Day 6-6-19

Breathe in breathe out. Breathing is your anchor…

Breathing and being that is what you fundamentally have. That is the true healthy you. Feelings and thoughts comes and goes. They do not define you. Your being and breathing is your life anchor.

The right breathing means everything for your well being. Breathe all the way down in your stomac, lower your shoulders, relax, feel the air giving your power.

This time a year I try to swim each day. Swimming and diving can really trains you in relaxation. Especially in this element it is really important that you relax. Lots of people can´t relax in water, and that makes them hyperventilate and heavy in the water. Slowly try to learn to feel the water and not fear the water. Go into it and feell the rythm of the water and when you feel you are ready take a deep breath and lay on your back in the water surface – RELAX as much as you can. Work on this so you will feel more and more comfortable in the element.


This morning I swam and did some diving before work. Very nice. It is always good to do some physical training before going into the water, especially when the water is only 15 degrees celcius. This morning a 10 km mountainbike ride before.

Then work. Training my pupils to the science examination in two weeks. Engagement, will power and believing in your own skills and worth, that is what I hope for for them.

Breathe in

My being

is pure me,

breathe out

I am in contact…

I am ready for my bike-home-running-swim.

Hope you have had an ordinary and special day too.


Love, Health And Wisdom




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Ordinary And Special Day 5-6-19