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Training For The Beast Berlin 1

It is always easier to get on with the hard training if you have a goal ahead of you.

This time is no exception. I am going to COMPLETE the Spartan Beast In Berlin the 28th september this year. It is going to be really severe, much more than the Spartan Super in Madrid, that I did the 4th. may. But I am dedicated, motivated and addicted to it. Then it is much easier to do the training.

The Beast is 21 km with 30 obstacles.

If you have nerver tried OCR races or you have tried other OCR races than Spartans then try a Spartan Race. It is just better and……fantastic.

Yesterday it was time for a long run in the forest.

Like I have said so many times before, it is important that you run in good areas that motivates you, that inspires you and makes you feel alive and kicking. When it comes to interval training, that is the tough kind of training, it is a lot easier when you have hills and mountains ahead of you. Then that kind of training seams more natural and motivating to do than counting e.g. lampposts.

Out of the woods again and in the open fields and up to my “finish-stones” on top of the hill. It was really a hard run, especially because I have gained to more kiloes around my stomac. To much good food and less training after my Madrid run. Now it is 85 kg and you can feel that very clearly when you run and when you lift yourself in different kinds of obstacles. Therefore I have to lose at least two kg again.

Run done and then my daily 120 push ups.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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