Nordic Race Hasle Bakker 2019

Evaluating Nordic Race Hasle Bakker 2019

Hi there

Just got back from the Race in Jutland, Aarhus Nordic Race Hasle Bakker 2019

Drove friday after mid day just after my pupils last examination. I was so glad that I could give five 12 grade in Science. Then home on my bike, pack and off I went to Jutland.

When I got on the other side (Fyn site) I had to dive and swim in the fantastic water there. Love that place and have to be there when I have the chance. Also the Air Condition was out of order in my car, so that just made it even more refreshing and required.

Doing things alone. Things you just love is a great thing. Finding your inner self, your inner peace. Living the way you just want. That is just fantastic. Love doing things with others, but once in a while, you just have to be yourself doing the things you love alone.

Saturday RACE DAY. Picked up my brother in Holstebro and then 1 hour drive to Aarhus, Hasle Bakker. Many people, many cars, rather chaotic. But we got there and checked in in good time and got our chip and race numbers.

More than 5000 participants. Great atmosphere and happy concentrated people. The adrenaline kicking and flowing in our bodies. We wanted to get in the top 100. But we have everything to win, especially the new experience…

It was rough but very beautiful terrain and landscape, up and down, down and up. My brother had several injuries before the run, so I was set on helping him through the race and he also helped me in some of the obstacles. We finished the same time below.

Well that didn´t bring us in top 100, but close enough we thought praising each other for the good social effort.

Above you see the narcissistic finisher of the Nordic Race Hasle Bakker ;o).

Embrace the pain. Yes I did. Especially afterwards and I still feel the pain in my shoulder. I was not tired in my legs after the 5 km run, even though it was up and down. But I was very tired in my upper body after all the 32 obstacles. Now I know what I have to focus on in my training for the next two month.

On my way back from Holstebro to Zealand, I just had to jump into the ocean again and swim some cold refreshing meters before driving the last 100 km home.


Love, Health And Wisdom




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