Ordinary And Special Day 7-7-19


Enlightment means to choose

to rest in a condition

of presence

not in time.

Enlightment means

to say YES

to what is.


In the same moment

your own judgment stops

through accept of what IS,

YOU have made yourself

free of your mind.


Always say YES

to the present moment.

Say YES to life

– and see,

how life suddenly begins

to work FOR YOU

and not against YOU.


If you were conscious,

that means complete present

in this very moment,

all negativity would vanish instantly.

It can not survive your presence.


When you notice negativity in you,

don´t look at it as failure,

but as a helping hand,

that tells you:

“Wake up. Find the true you. Be present”.


 When you learn to be in the presence,

the joy of being alive

flows into evrything,

that you do.

In that very moment

your attention turns to the presence,

you feel the strong presence, silence and peace.


Thank you Eckart Tolle.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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Ordinary And Special Day 7-7-19