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Holiday And Training

If you really love to train or being physically active, then it is usually no problem to have a healthy holiday. If not you are most likely to skip the training and just eat, drink and relax at little more than you use to. It doesn´t have to be like that.

Life is more beautiful and powerful with contrasts. When you have worked hard, you love rest, when you are cold, you love the heat etc….

You have to sow, before you can reap.

No Pain No Gain.

You Must GIVE to GET.

And directly translated from a danish saying:

“You have to provide, before you can enjoy”.

and yes you know that you enjoy to relax more when you have used your body in a demanding way. So keep on doing good things for your body even when you have holiday.

I am one of the lucky ones. I just love to train also in my holiday. I would rather say especially in my holidays because then I have the time to do exactly that kind of training that I want, and afterwards I can also relax in the way that I like.

Above relaxing after a good swim and kayakpolo.

But as you can see I have not reach the 100 % each day the last week. So I have to admit that my physical activity level has been a little lower than usually.

Yesterday my training and physical activities was strength, lots of gardening, football and petanque with family. The day before (monday) I ran a 7 km i high pace for me at this time in my training schedule for the Spartan Race Beast Berlin.

Running in the heat,

feeling my heart beat,

rythm rythm rythm,

taste of blood in my mouth,

running east, west, north and south,

the fishline in good time,

rhyme rhyme rhyme.

Hold your course

to your main thing.

You must GIVE to GET.

Have a great holiday with all it takes…


Love, Health And Wisdom




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