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Ordinary And Special Day 10-7-19

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Yes yesterday was a good day……too. Though there are no troubles as Lennon and McCartney wrote.

Yesterday I started the day by cleaning up my very messy shed. I started it and did not finish. There is work for a couple of days. For some time there really had been some troubles getting in there a finding things that you need, so now it looks like the troubles are getting more and more far away and the order is here to stay….

So in general it is very good for your mental wellness to clean up places, because it is not only a physical mess, it is also a mental mess. It rumbles in your head, you know you should do something about it and it is frustrating you. Therefore for your own sake, just get it done.

After the part 1 cleaning up of the shed, we went on a trip to the very special and beautiful Stevns Klint. 

Stevns Klint is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because it is the best place in the world to witness traces of the asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago. The asteroid wiped out more than half of all life on the planet – including the dinosaurs.

When you are on the peninsula Stevns you definitely feel that you are on the country side. Many corn fields, cows and hourses grazing.

We parked at the Stevns Naturcenter and began walking to the Holtug Kridtbrud, you can see above. A beautiful and special place where there are different kinds of protected plants and animals.

Then it was time for the rough beach walk all the way to Stevns Kridtbrud.

The cliff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because between the cliff’s thick layer of chalk and limestone there is a thin layer of Fish Clay, which tells the story of how the ecosystems of the Earth were pressured by the eruption of so-called ‘super volcanoes’, and of how an asteroid struck and put an end to the history of the dinosaurs. The Fish Clay is a greyish-brown layer of clay of just 5-10 centimetres, so it can be difficult to spot.

Some places are rather demanding when you have to climp the huge rocks to get around on the seaside.

The water was very fresh and cooling after some good km i rough terrain. Above one of my sons in the water. I was trying to find the fish clay.

Later yesterday it was time for petanque and football. My three sons challenged Jon (my brother in law) and Maria (my wife´s niece). We won all three matches…..what can you say…..The old and very experienced won with their cleverness, tactical skills and endurance.

Oh, I believe in yesterday and am excited about today….especially the Shed cleaning up Part 2.

I wish you a fantastic ordinary and special day too.

Remember to clean up…..then some troubles are more far away. Believe in today and yesterday.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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