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Fantastic Plants – The Great Mullein

Today I will tell you about an extraordinary plant. It is called Great or common Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus). In danish “Filtbladet Kongelys“. Two years ago I found a much smaller plant than the one I show you below. I digged it up and planted it near my fireplace in the east end of the garden. After a few month the plant had spread to the whole garden and one of them had begun to grow quite fast and heavy beside the greenhouse.

Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a two-year plant, that only flourishes the second year. After that it dies. It grows wild in all Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. Great Mullein is used as a ornamental plant because of its high, beautiful inflourescence with yellow flowers. The flourish is in a long period, because it only starts the flourish in the bottom of the inflourescence and then slowly on the way to the top of it. Mine have had flowers for almost two month now.

The flowers and leaves from the plant has been used for medical purpose everywhere. It is already mentioned in medical books from the 15 th century against a variety of sufferings as musclepain, constipation, malaria, cough and inflamed wounds.

There are many records, using decoction from the plant against haemorrhoids, and it is mentioned in medical books in 1772. Great Mullein has also been used against mice and rats, and it is said, that they didn´t come again, when they first smelled the plant.

Today Great Mullein is one of the most used plants against cough and catarrh in your breathing organs and bronchitis. Making tea of the leaves and flowers is used to minimize mucus formation in airways, and Great Mullein stimulates cough up of mucus and that together with other expectorant plants like thyme.

Great Mullein contains mucus, flavonoids which is good for the blood circulation, expectorant saponins, essential oils and tannins. The flowers soaked in olive oil are used today in Germany against haemorrhoids and ear infections.

Well besides the fantastic look, you can imagine that I am very happy for this plant even though I haven´t used it for all these kinds of purposes. Actually I have been coughing a lot lately. I have had a cold, so perhaps this fantastic plant has helped me to cough up all this mucus and get over it faster just by being close to the plant. That´s just a theory.


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