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I know I am very special about running in the heat. I love it. I love when the sweat is running from me and I can feel that my skin is doing what it can to cool me down. But before I go for a run in the heat I am very aware that I have to drink a lot before I go. If I run less than 20 km I usually don´t have water with me. If you are the type to dehydrate, feel dizzy or uncomftable in the heat, don´t do it. Run early morning or in the evening.

The weather has been just great in this weak and perhaps that is why I have intensified my activity level.

As you can see the training set hasn´t been to hard and demanding, but it has never the less given me a good cardiovascular ballast and good strength for the hard following weeks where the intensity level has to step up.

The run to the beach today was in two parts. The first one was the run to the ocean in relative high speed.

Then the 500 meter swim (my GPS lost me, I think because of the high swimming speed ;o)).

Shoes off and then the fantastic cooling swim. Almost no waves. Perfect for all kinds of swimming styles. I did the crawl with breathing to both sides every third.


And now the detailes though 300 meters are washed away in the ocean by a bad GPS or satelite.

After my swim I ran more slowly the last approximately 9 km back home into the forest.


Back home again. Water water water, fresh fruits, berries, rucula, spinach, carrots and basil from the garden. You know the open window? The first 20 minutes after training is the most effective priod to gain nutrients. Second best is 20-40 minutes and then last 40-60 minutes after. Then the window closes, not to optain the nutrients, but to do it in a special effective way that are specially effective to recover after training. You know the Supercompensation? Check it out on my blog.

Later beach football and yet again swimming. See if I can find the lost 300 meters in the ocean.

Have a great active day.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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