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Ambition Action Success

Just some powerful and inspirational words for you. Where ever you are and what ever you do in this world, this statement is so true. Some places it takes more ressources than others…

When this is said I will read you a letter I once found in an old house near Porsgrund in Norway.

I am I

A very important person.

The most important person in the whole world…..

to me.

But I can´t be,

can´t become

without others.

In that case

I become nothing

– invisible –

and that I will not be.

According to you

– the most important person

in the whole world.

Kiss me!!!

Yes we are all connected some way.

Therefore be good.

Send good energy……

because you also need it yourself.


Remember the world is a better place with good humor.

I send my respect to the scottish people. Did you know that the first life insurance and pensions company The Scottish Widows located in Edinburgh. It was established in 1815.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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