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I Am Back Until I Am Gone

Sometimes you just need to get away from all this digital social media stuff. Therefore I haven´t been writing for a while and now you know why I have to have some breaks from it.

I am so lucky that I grew up without all these kinds of social medias, computers, cell phones etc. I grew up in the 70 and 80 ties. A time where we had to be creative not to be bored to death, we were very physical active and we were pretty much left to ourselves by our parents. In other words we developed a super independency with lots of competences and skills. We learned to do many things by ourselves.

The case is almost the opposite today. Very little independency, very little self-taught skills besides things on the computer, cell phone etc. No kid are bored today because they have games and the social media all the time. It is even disturbing their good night sleep. Especially girls can´t miss a thing on the social media and they have to snap all the time just to stay popular. In many ways it is a shallow and insecure world and when you don´t feel you have skills, because their parent have done all the things for them, then the quality of life today in general is much lower than it was when I was a kid and teenager.

My message today is. Do things with your kids. Make them feel special and loved. Develop skills with them and let them do things that they can do by them selves. Don´t let laziness get into them. They have to learn that if you want something they have to work for it. Let them follow their passion and always give them love and support.

I am back until I am gone.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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