I Am Back Until I Am Gone

Spartan Race getting closer

Time goes by…Follow follow follow.

The training for the Spartan Race Berlin is in the final episode.

The training is intense. There are no injuries (7,9,13). Feeling strong, respecting the restitution time. The mindset is good, I am 100 % motivated for this race. I do not only want to finish the race….I WANT TO WIN IT (in my age group).

I am dedicated, devoted and dangerous…

The weight says 82 kg and I feel like flying….

Time for a long run to the ocean for a swim and back again.

After 7 km run in 30 degrees celcius, it was just fantastic to jump in the ocean for a cooling swim.

There is one big disadvantage getting thinner in my age and that is all the wrinkles that shows when your skin gets more limp. Well then it is good that I don´t mind. Wrinkles shows that you have life experience ;o).

After the cooling swim it was time to get into the running shoes again and hit the trail road.

I didn´t swim across this river. Had to stop on the beautiful wood bridge and show you the view.

My watch shows 10 km at this point when I came to the open fields before going into the forest again.

Sorry about the finger. Not easy running and taking pictures at the same time. But you know it´s important not to break the good running rythm.

15 km at this point running into civilization again.

The finish line reached at 18 km. This is a good place to finish a long and demanding run, because there is lots of fruits and berries ready to harvest.

Blackberries and apples.

Great run

Perhaps a little over training last week, but as you say, no pain no gain. If you say that, you really have to know your body, so you know how long your body has to rest before you can kick ass again.

I wish you the best training.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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