Spartan Race getting closer

They Know Who You Are?

I am a fan of the natural world, not the constructed world…

Humans have constructed new realities during the last many centuries, but no it is going really fast and powerful forces are behing using the latest technology against you…

If you think you have a privacy……then don´t.

Because you do not have one anymore.

THEY know what you say, what you do, what your habits are and where you are…..

This sounds like a science fiction. Like a movie we have seen in our past.

Who are they?

They are all the people who has a benefit in knowing who you are.

I payed with my credit card to get up in this amazing man constructed Forest Tower. They know I am here and they know what kind of advertisements to send me on the social medias afterwards…

All companies that want to sell things to you. Have you ever wundered, why certain commercials appeares eg. in Facebook after you have talked about that specific thing. Well that is because your microphone in your cell phone register everything that you say 24/7. Then what about your camera?……

I think we are moving into a more and more scary world. We are being watched, listened too, controlled, manipulated. And I am not even a paranoid person. These things I have been told by many different kinds of people that have experienced it……and I have experienced it too.

I am saying this to warn you. Not that you have anything to hide. I am just saying this to you, if you not are aware already, so you can be better prepared not to be manipulated by the different kinds of powerful forces around the world.

Remember who you are and where you came from. Your natural identity is more important than ever.

Find the true value for you. Do you think it is the new 5 G or more material things then you are in the hands of foreign forces. Will you find your own inner force and set yourself free?

I feel and find the right and true me in nature. There I find my true force and meaning in life. That is my true construction. Much more than the one I stand upon here in the forest.

Then I will give you this:

Putting a value on status

will create conteniousness.

If you overvalue possessions,

people begin to steal.

By not displaying what is desirable, you will

cause the people´s hearts to remain undisturbed.

The sage governs

by emtying minds and hearts,

by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones.

Practice not doing….

When action is pure and selfless,

everything settles into its own perfect place.

You are the force,

the people are the force.

We can resist

if we are aware and want to.

The force is yours and ours.  

I am your true friend. I am not here to get anything from you. Only your attention. I do not get anything writing this to you. All the advertisements you see all over my blog, I do not have anything to do with. I do not earn anything, only your attention and that is enough for me. You see?

Love, Health And Wisdom










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