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Wise People Knows It – What Are You?

Lazy me Lazy you,

I will only do

what I have to.

My brain is my body,

I don´t care if I am a hottie. 

All the temptations I can´t resist,

I could with them make a long list.

Now I will wake up

and be my own “body-cop”.

I will make that brain body connection

for my own satisfaction…

My body and me are one,

together we get things done.

The body-health is in every cell,

Qi is everyones lifebell.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Healthy food, Travelling, Wellness

Anniversary At The Wolf

My dear wife and I had 20 years anniversary of marriage The 31 th of March. That of course should be celebrated in a good restaurant.

In the old part of Alicante there is this fantastic restaurant called “In bocca al Lupo” (In the mouth of the wolf). It has scored the highest in TripAdviser.

Our expectations were high and we were not disapointed. I would say it was one of the best restaurant visits I have ever had.

Very good service. We didn´t wait long for the food, and the food was just excellent. We ate like wolfs…

You should try it some day you are in the area.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Nature, Physical activity, Wellness

International Training 3

Yesterday it was time for the…

Beach Palm Desert Run

Also today

Above to the right – That is my biceps tree…

Stone jump at the beach near Santa Pola.

I do not look that exhausted. It was only 5 km.

Sand, sand and more sand. Hard but great training to run in.

That´s it and then the mandatory swin in the ocean.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Nature, Physical activity, Travelling, Wellness

International Training 2

Today was the day for a long run. The weather was just perfect for kicking ass in the nearby park close to the beach, a run in the sand on the beach and then finish with a short swim in The Mediterranean.

When there are no outside training stations you have to make your own with what you come by. Lifting stone, lift yourself in the trees and jump up and down on the stonehenge. Push Ups you can make everywhere.

There was a good variety in the landscape. Some places I ran between palms and other places it was like running in the desert.

Then it was time for beach running and the cold swim.

Even though it is very hard to run at the beach, I think it is the best place for me to run. In the sand you really strengthen your joints and muschles, and if you doo it bare feeted then you really give yourself the wellness that you deserve.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Mindset, Travelling, Wellness

International Training 1

Do you feel the energy for training too, when you come to new different places in the world.

This time I will tell you about my training in Alicante, South East Spain. Well it is not the first time I am here. Actually it is my second time. I love the climate and the ocean here, but apart from that it is really a boring landscape and a too touristic place.

Running among cactusses.

Just love running along the mediterranean sea. Sorry about my finger….

Today it was a 6 km run up and down and a very short swim in the sea. Its only 16 degrees C. now.

See you tomorrow for a far more crazy training.


Love, Health And Wisdom




Health, Learning and development, Psychology

Counter-Intuitive Life Lessons

There is a balance in life. Your is a fantastic balanced system of cells working together doing functions to keep you alive. Everything has it´s balance. Our behavior has to be balanced too to find the right meaning of life and well being.

So don´t over do things. That is violence on lifes harmonized balanced system.

They measure themselves on seven key elements, where they give themselves a score from 1 (way out of balance) to 10 (Zen-like harmony) to see where they stand. I’m not sure I have ever met anyone who has scored a 10 on all seven elements, so a more reasonable goal might be to find balance with at least half of these parts of your life.

1. Physical health.

It’s easy to let things like exercise and diet go by the wayside once things get busy in the office. But that’s the only body you’re going to get and it needs to carry you until the end of the game. That’s why it’s critical to continue to keep your body strong and healthy enough to enable you to do the things that excite you-whether that’s traveling for business or visiting your grandkids. The key here is to be fit enough that you don’t have to say “no” to anything you want to do. Give yourself a score-be honest-and see what you think. Could you do more to improve that number as a way to begin leading the kind of balanced life you’re seeking?

2. Family.

How balanced do you feel with your family time? What’s your relationship like with your spouse? Your kids? How about your parents and extended family members? Family ties are the tightest relationships you should have in your life no matter how busy things get at work. If you give yourself a low score here, it’s worth hitting the pause button to make the investment in repairing these relationships. Family members are truly part of your support network and you’ll never miss them more when you’re at your lowest point.

3. Social.

 Do you have a robust network of friends or not? Do you have a group of folks like you hang out with regularly, maybe for a book club or to go play soccer? If not, it’s time to start building these kinds of relationships. Having people around you that you like and trust is one of the best indicators of living a long life. If you are sacrificing relationships like these because you’re working too hard, you’re clearly not in balance.

4. Financial.

What does your personal financial balance sheet look like? Are you on a path to accumulate enough wealth that you will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement? Are your assets increasing over time-or have you neglected to make the time to tend your financial garden? The key to personal financial health is to feel in control and know that you have enough money to have options. If you’re working too much, and you don’t have the money you need, something is clearly missing in the equation.

5. Business.

Whether you are running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder, ask yourself how energized you are to go into work every day. Are you excited to be making a difference and making progress-or do you dread the monotony of your day-to-day drag? Or, if you own the business, how are things going: Are revenues and profits growing? Some of us who are high achievers might never give ourselves a 10 here no matter what. But it’s worth measuring how all that time you are investing in your work is paying off.

6. Civic.

 How much time are you able to invest in the things you care about in your community? That can mean anything from volunteering to serving on the PTA or coaching a sports team-anything that turns you on when you give of yourself. Think of it as your attitude of gratitude. If you haven’t made enough time to give back, you’re missing out on a real emotional payback, because you are rewarded by the act of giving. And the key here isn’t just signing checks-time and talent are the real gifts.

7. Spiritual.

The final aspect of living a balanced life is your spiritual side. This could be anything from taking a walk in the woods to making a trip to church on Sunday-whatever fills up your spiritual cup. This is how we renew ourselves when we’re down-and it’s something that can be easily neglected. If you score low here, make the time to rethink your connection to God, nature, or whatever. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Mindset, Physical activity, Wellness

Spartan Training 1

If you like OCR then Spartan Races is something for you.

I have trained specific for the Spartan Race Super in Madrid since october. It is a good versatile training where you have to train your cardiovascular system, strength, motor system, flexibility and mental strength.

Yesterday I did a trail running in two forests nearby. It is very important that you run off road to get used to different kinds of surfaces. It is much more demanding for your muscles in your legs especially your muscles in your feet area and you also have to concentrate each time your set your feet. You have to be foresighted to e.g. on all the branches too.

When you run off road you have many options to used different kinds of obstacles. E.g. the branches to improve your strenght.

This run I finished with 2 x 50 Push Ups.

After my run it was time to bake my power buns. This time with Rosemary and hemp seed.

After you have worked hard and pushed your limits it is always good to have some wellness. You have deserved that ;o), so I jumped into the tub.

Smile enjoy life


Love, Health And Wisdom