The Gilgamesh Project

The Gilgamesh myth is about King Gilgamesh of Uruk, who could defeat anyone in battle. One day, Gilgamesh best friend, Enkidu, died. Gilgamesh sat by the body and observed it for many days, until he saw a worm dropping out of his friend´s nostril. At that moment Gilgamesh was gripped by a terrible horror, and he resolved that he himself, would never die. He would somehow find a way to defeat death. Gilgamesh then undertook a journey to the end of the universe, killing lions, battling scorpion-men and finding his way into the underworld. There he shattered the mysterious stone “things” of Urshanabi, the ferryman of the river of the dead and found Utnapishtim, the last survivor of the primordial...

Ordinary And Special Day 7-7-19

I hope you have been doing, what you love most today too. For me it has been a very practical day. This was my to-do-list: Cleaning the house Cleaning windows Remove weeds in the garden Two walks with my dog Strength training Eating only veagan food Going to the recycling center with stuff. This is just beautiful said by Snoopy. Just like the bootle is half full instead of half empty. It is always satisfying to have done things, that you have set for yourself. I made all seven of them except number six. I had some chicken in my asian wok food. This was just and ordinary and special day for me.   Love, Health And Wisdom Brian

Dharma – For The Best Life

Today I am going to tell you about the most important law for human beings in the entire world. None the less. The law is called Dharma. Suffering arises from craving; the only way to be fully liberated from suffering is to be fully liberated from craving; and the only way to be liberated from craving is to train the mind to experience reality as it is. There you have it. If we all humans could do so we would certainly have a better world and quality of life. A person who does not crave cannot suffer. This is the wisdom from Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Buddha. Buddha means “the enlighted one”, and he certainly was. Gautama´s insight was that...

Quotes Of Wisdom

Here are seven quotes that makes good thinking. How many of them do you agree with? You are welcome to send me your favorite quote.   Love, Health And Wisdom Brian


Some are more lucky than others. It depends a lot of where you are born in the world… Some grow up in war, dictatorship, poverty etc. Below you can see some definitions of freedom… I feel free….: when I can say and do all the things that I feel is right to maintain and develop lives and the beauty around me. When I can go, run and drive in nature, I feel that I am a very little organism with at huge importance…. at least for myself….. and hopefully for the people around me.   If you can read this are you more free than people who can´t read this??   Love, Health And Freedom Brian