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Multi Exercise Series 2

The Headstand-Swing

This serie is inspired by yoga too. It is the headstand (in my version) combined with leg and armswing and a waving push-up. Hope you like it and will enjoy your training with it. It is good as a morning starter. Decide how many times you will do it. I do it 5 times each morning.

If you don´t enjoy training when you do it, then you appreciate life more when you are done. I love both.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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WiseMovement Health and training day 1

Hi there. Time for action.

You are responsible for your health, so do good things for yourself.

I hope I can inspire you with this ordinary day in my life. This is what I do every morning except point 6 – 8. You have to have variaty in your training to train different kind of things in your body and also break patterns that will easily accur in each and every ones lives.

  1. A liter of water with fresh squeezhed lemon and ginger.
  2. 5 min. Morning meditation
  3. 5 min. stretch series
  4. A handfull of almonds, a handfull of hazelnuts, a handfull of walnuts, 2 fresh dates, a banana, a half avocado, two cups of fresh filtered coffee.
  5. 20 min. of mental and outfit preparation
  6. 5 min. sandbag warm up
  7. 1 km warm up run.
  8.  4 x WiseMovement Circle Crossfit series after 1 km run in between.
  9. 20 min. of stretch in every used muscle.
  10. Breakfast: Broccoli, Kale, garlic, onions, fish cake and blackcurrant, tomatoes, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, rosemary, spearmint, and basil from my garden and a liter of water.

Sorry about the headless guy ;o). But it is not headless meditation. Focus on deep breathing and the same time feeling Mother Earth below you.

Stretching is very good for your body in the morning.

The last stretching exercise “pick apples” is in the right place ;o)

The next video is warm up with the sandbag. You must have a sandbag. It is just perfect training.

Now I am ready for the 1 km warm up before I begin the very hard training of WiseMovement Circle Crossfit series as you can see below.

After each of these stations I run 1 km with different kinds of run. Backwards, sidewards with armswing and crossing legs, high speed, low speed and up and down stairs. Then I am ready to do the circle crossfit again. This I will do four times this day.

After this it is time for the muscle stretching and 1 km slow run home for the breakfast. Well earned…..don´t you think ;o).

I wish you the best training. See you soon. More healthy :o).


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Physical activity, Wellness

Multi Exercise Series 1

The Burpees-Halasana

Multi exercises are good because you activate and train all different kinds of muscles in your body. This is a healthy dynamic way of doing a great thing for your body.

In this exercise I have combined the traditional Burpees with the yoga Halasana.

Burpees and the Halasana lookes like below:

Billedresultat for burpees

Billedresultat for halasana

Now I am going to show you how. You may be a little stiff in your body like me, better or worse, but by the time you will be more flexible, if you work on that too.

And remember the grass is not greener on the otherside ;o). It is your choice, how green your grass is. I am working on that, you can see.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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SeKiFi SlagInstruktion 1-2

Når du har øvet dig i, hvordan din tommeltot skal være placeret under dine knyttede fingre og de to store knoer, du skal ramme med, så er du klar til instruktionsvideo 2.

Nu skal du jo bare have noget at slå på ;o). Dertil vil jeg klart anbefale en sandsæk, og så skal du naturligvis også have nogle sandsækhandsker. At bokse på en sandsæk er noget af det bedste træning, du kan få. Når du har lært at slå rigtigt, vil du opdage at det faktisk er ret sjovt og god træning. Ved at bokse, træner du faktisk størstedelen af kroppen, når du giver den gas med sandsækken. Ved at bevæge dig rundt og slå samtidig får du både god kredsløbs- og styrketræning. Hvis du ikke vil investere i en sandsæk, må du jo nøjes med at afreagere på dem hver torsdag kl. 19.00 til 20.30 hos mig. Vi starter torsdag d. 23. august. Husk at sende mig en mail på om hvem du er, og hvad du har dyrket før.

Instruktionsvideo 3 er på vej.

God sommer.


Love, Health And Wisdom




Health, Learning and development, Mindset, Physical activity, Psychology, Wellness

My Sun Salutation

This is the way I started my day:

The Beach is good for all kinds of exercises and training. I love to go there every day for yoga, running, mountainbiking, volley, swimming, diving and fishing. Not everything each day, but many of them. So yes the summertime is definitely the best season of the year. This time I am going to show you some yoga from this morning. It is my own version of the Indian Sun Salutation.

Don´t think traditional when it comes to training. Do something new everytime. Try to break your training pattern. Challenge yourself in new ways.

I know you can do it. You should too…..


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Physical activity, Wellness

Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

Given our modern pace of life and sedentary lifestyle, muscle pain specified lower back pain and neck tension has become far too common. Whether it is shoulder tension from being hunched at a desk for hours, or wrist pain from typing at a computer, sore muscles can make any movement hard and painful.

For a result, we rely on painkillers and creams to help dull the pain; however, these is simply a Band-Aid solution. Instead of reacting to muscle pain, we should be preventing it in the first place. A simple place to begin, is with a basic stretching routine.

The Best Stretches for Muscle Pain

This stretches were chosen by Marilyn Moffat, a professor of physical therapy of New York University. Before starting, it is important to remember that if you feel any discomfort or pain while performing a stretch to stop and see a doctor or physical therapist.

You’ll be holding each of this stretches for 30 to 60 seconds. The first step is to be sure you get seated with proper posture. Sit, with your chin tucked down and back so that your neck is aligned with your spine. Now you are ready to start.

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

1. Neck Rotation

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

Slowly turn your head to the right and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Face forward then repeat with the left.

2. Trunk Rotation

Billedresultat for trunk rotation


Cross your arms over your chest, and look over your shoulder, rotating at your trunk. Hold, and then face the front and repeat with the other side.

3. Trunk Lateral Flexion

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age


Bend to the side with the opposite side’s hand diagonally above your head, hold, then repeat with the other side.

4. Hyperextension

For these stretch, you just need a slight bend. It is just enough to stretch out your spine without going too far.

If you want to go further you can go for this one:

Billedresultat for sitting hyperextension

5. Neck Tilt

Billedresultat for neck tilt

Tilt your head to the right and drape your right arm over your head, near your left ear. Do not pull, but let the weight of your arm help stretch your neck. Hold, then repeat with the other side.

6. Fold Over

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

Bend over in your chair, making sure your neck is in the proper position and there’s no pain.Bend over in your chair, making sure your neck is in the proper position and there’s no pain.

7. Back Scratch

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

For these stretch, make sure that the top palm is facing the body and the bottom palm is facing out. Without hunching over, try reaching your hands together behind your back. Hold, then switch sides and repeat.

8. Quad Stretch

Billedresultat for quad stretch

Stand up straight, and grabbing the top of your foot, bend your knee so it is pointing straight down at the floor. Hold, then repeat with the other leg.

9. Leg Extension

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

Using a workout band or towel can help your really get a good stretch here. Planting one foot on the floor, bring the other leg up as high as you can, ideally at a 90° angle. You can put the band or towel around the foot you’re lifting to help get it higher. Hold and repeat with other side.

10. Heel Cord

Billedresultat for heel cord

You should feel your back leg muscles stretch, especially along your calf. Keeping your toe on the wall, and both feet planted, Bend your front knee toward the wall. Hold, then repeat with the other leg.

11. Piriformis

12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

Keep your neck and back down, fold your right ankle over the left thigh right above the knee. Hold, and then switch legs. If this is too intense, bring the uncrossed leg out farther.

12. Hip Flexor

Billedresultat for hip flexor stretch

You will need to grab a mat or lay on a soft surface for these stretch. With one leg straight, bring the opposite knee to your chest. Hold, then switch legs.

This is 12 stretches you can do daily to keep your muscles loose and working, and preventing muscle pain as much as possible.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Physical activity, Wellness

The Ultimate Sex Playlist

Neuropsychologist Dr. Rhonda Freeman says that music is likely to affect three regions of the brain — the reward or pleasure system, the social affiliation or bonding system, and the limbic system (which processes emotions).

When triggered, the reward system, for example, involves dopamine and endogenous opioids. Dr. Freeman explains, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked with desire, wanting, craving, motivation, or anticipation of someone or something — in this instance, of our intimate partner. And endogenous opioids are the hedonic response, which includes pleasure and enjoyment.”

“Those systems not only allow the pleasurable experience of sex to be amplified with music, but they also allow music to deepen your connection with your partner while subduing negative emotions,” she explains, and that has a lot to do with oxytocin.

STOP! Are you about to have sex?! Turn on this playlist immediately.

Here’s how else music affects your brain when you’re being intimate with your partner.

Music brings people together.

According to a study done by Sonos, the smart speaker system, 67 percent of couples that listen to music out loud together report having more sex than couples who don’t listen to music together. The reason is that when you listen to music out loud, your neurons (nerve cells that transmit information throughout the body) begin operating at the same rate as your partner’s, which releases oxytocin (the love hormone). Oxytocin is also responsible for feelings of trust so, naturally, things become more intimate between you and your partner when there’s music on in the bedroom .

Music gives you all the feels.

Turns out, 18 percent of people also admit to dropping the L-bomb because of a song they heard. This number is even higher for people who claim to listen to music out loud on a regular basis. TBH, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never considered proposing to the first person I see when an Ed Sheeran song comes on. Unsurprisingly, there’s another chemical reaction going on when this happens. The combination of oxytocin (the love hormone) as a result of being with your partner and serotonin (the happiness hormone) as a result of listening to your favorite song means good vibes all around.

Music helps you get in the swing of things.

Literally. Neurochemistry aside, of the 30,000 households surveyed, 18 percent of couples say that music makes sex better. For them, the benefit of listening to music during sex is the rhythmic coordination it allows for. They explain that it provides the perfect soundtrack for getting busy, just like in the movies. It’s no surprise, then, that you can (and you should) craft a sex playlist inspired by your favorite celebrities.

It’s worth pointing out that 39 percent of people also say they enjoy listening to music more than having sex. Yikes! So, if you feel like something’s missing from your love life, it might just be a Grammy-nominated soundtrack… for sex, of course. I’d suggest getting started on your playlist ASAP. Have you ever heard “Ride” by Chase Rice?

Do you agree on number one? ;o)

Shakespeare wrote: “If music be the food of love, play on.”


Love, Music And Sensual being