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Teplice Rocks Rocks

If you go to The Czech Republic and want to experience something very extraordinary from mother nature you have to visit Teplice Rocks in the Eastern part of the country close to Poland.

I have never seen anything like this. Wild rock formations of sandstone.

The lake in the beginning of the trekking route is just amazing. Start your walk from Adrspach.

For a trekking warm up. Go around the amazing lake.

The last part of the route is more demanding…

…..but it is all worth it.

Maybe you see some trolls on your way…

Tomorrow we will climb Snezka, the biggest mountain in The Czech Republic.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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Anniversary At The Wolf

My dear wife and I had 20 years anniversary of marriage The 31 th of March. That of course should be celebrated in a good restaurant.

In the old part of Alicante there is this fantastic restaurant called “In bocca al Lupo” (In the mouth of the wolf). It has scored the highest in TripAdviser.

Our expectations were high and we were not disapointed. I would say it was one of the best restaurant visits I have ever had.

Very good service. We didn´t wait long for the food, and the food was just excellent. We ate like wolfs…

You should try it some day you are in the area.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Learning and development, Travelling, Wellness

Sangria In Altea

There is a place called Altea to the north of Benidorm. It is also touristed but in the old part of the city it is just fantastic charming, cozy and originally spanish.

On our way to Altea we went to see the Cuevas Del Canelobre near Busot. But unfortunately it was closed. There was a lot of climbers at the mountainside.


Below beautiful and charming Altea

You could just keep on shooting pictures for every corner you turn around.

The Sangria didn´t make it less cozy…

I think you have got an impression of this little perl in the middle of tourism. You got to try it some day.

N.B.: I just tasted the Sangria….It was fantastic….But I was the driver…


Love, Health And Wisdom



Health, Learning and development, Nature, Physical activity, Travelling, Wellness

International Training 2

Today was the day for a long run. The weather was just perfect for kicking ass in the nearby park close to the beach, a run in the sand on the beach and then finish with a short swim in The Mediterranean.

When there are no outside training stations you have to make your own with what you come by. Lifting stone, lift yourself in the trees and jump up and down on the stonehenge. Push Ups you can make everywhere.

There was a good variety in the landscape. Some places I ran between palms and other places it was like running in the desert.

Then it was time for beach running and the cold swim.

Even though it is very hard to run at the beach, I think it is the best place for me to run. In the sand you really strengthen your joints and muschles, and if you doo it bare feeted then you really give yourself the wellness that you deserve.


Love, Health And Wisdom



Learning and development, Nature, Travelling

Guadalest – A Paradise In The Mountains

Guadalest is located at a distance of approx. 20km from Benidorm although the road, winding up into the mountains, makes it seem far longer. Once upon a time, the place was only accessible on donkeys´ backs.

Situated on a mountain overlooking the valley of the river Guadalest, the town is surrounded by the mountain chains of Sierra d´Aixorta, Sierra de Serella and Sierra de Aitana. The way there leads through pine forests, citrusgroves, nispera and almond trees the sight of which makes for a very pleasant journey.

With a number of permanent residents in the region of 300, Guadalest is tiny, but explodes with tourists who come to see the main attractions: the reservoir which is formed by the river and the picturesque town itself, divided into El Arrabel, the old town and the quarter of the castle, San Jose. Both parts are connected by a tunnel hewn into the rock.

Park your car on the public parking lot which has plenty of spaces, make your way to the surrounding parapet and have a first look at the tranquil and rather vast reservoir below, reflecting the surrounding mountains. You can walk towards the water on a clearly indicated path, stroll along a bit or even, if on offer, take a short boat ride on the reservoir.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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International Training 1

Do you feel the energy for training too, when you come to new different places in the world.

This time I will tell you about my training in Alicante, South East Spain. Well it is not the first time I am here. Actually it is my second time. I love the climate and the ocean here, but apart from that it is really a boring landscape and a too touristic place.

Running among cactusses.

Just love running along the mediterranean sea. Sorry about my finger….

Today it was a 6 km run up and down and a very short swim in the sea. Its only 16 degrees C. now.

See you tomorrow for a far more crazy training.


Love, Health And Wisdom




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What Really Matters

What does really matter to you?

What makes you happy?

Do you live your life in a way

that makes you happy

most of your time?

I try to do that. When you grow older you become aware of all the things that makes you happy and what doesn´t.

I know that being in nature gives me so much energy. I can feel it flowing in my whole body. It makes me feel alive and kicking.

Sometimes it is great alone and sometimes it is fantastic to do it with your friends.

Here we are in Sweden in the archipilago of Västervik, canoing, two teams fighting paintball with slingshots and making food in the campfire.


Well yes I got shot in the face....But my soul is healed...

Love, Health And Wisdom