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From Barcelona With Love 3

Hola Hola Hola

Yes the Spaniens are a little more reserved than Italiens, Greeks and other nationalitiens in the south, but we only met nice and kind people in Barcelona. When you are in the south of Europe you can really feel like a huge person, because they are rather small. E.g when you walk a crowded place you really can see the difference. Several times I felt like a giant.

My everyday morning ritual. I just had to have my black Americano every day. That is my dope and they kind of found that out in the bar.

We lived nearby this amazing Park, close to the Expo Hotel Barcelona, called Parc De Industrial.


There is a huge dragon in the park and the park and the tail of the dragon is made to a slide.

Below a little petanque park and small cozy streets everywhere.

Today we were going to visit Camp Nou on a tour before the big match tomorrow.

On our way on foot to Camp Nou we came to Rambla Del Brazil, that is a huge road only for pedestrians. It is a beautiful but special place. E.g. we saw parrots in the trees.

For football lovers this stadium and history inside is just fantastic. Come with me on this tour ;o).

Huge Experience. Especially for my son.

On our way back to the hotel we were rather hungry. We looked for a cozy and good place to eat and after about 1 km, just between Camp Nou and our hotel, we found this fantastic little spot, where we had the most delicious kebab pizza.

buen apetito

From Barcelona with love 4 coming up with e.g. Sagrada Familia.


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From Barcelona With Love 2

Buenos días

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As you can see below it is not everybody that is for the independency…..

First of all the most fantastic thing about Barcelona is that it is close to the ocean. I just love the Mediterranean Sea and when it gets to hot in down town Barcelona, you can always go and cool down in the ocean and do all kinds of activities on the sandy beach.

Billedresultat for barcelona strand

Billedresultat for barcelona strand


The Marina is also a great place. Beautiful and with lots of people like anywhere else in this city.

Barcelona is really a great multiethnic place with all kinds of different people from around the world. E.g. I bought vegestables, fruits and other grocerystuff from Indians (People from India).

I can strongly recommend Expo Hotel Barcelona. It is placed rather central, but yet in the outskirts of down town Barcelona (Centre). But with the well functioning Metro, you can get from one end of Barcelona to the other in a short time.

From Barcelona with love 3 is on it´s way.


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From Barcelona With Love 1

Hola E Viva Barcelona

No this is not a political song for an independence Barcelona…

Friday I went to Barcelona with my youngest søn. He loves FC Barcelona and so do I. Besides we both hate winter, so we were really looking forward to get away from ice path to Rambla Sunshine……..and yes lovely icy icecreame.

There were delicious icecream many places down the Rambla. Ice is especially good when you can eat it in the heat.


I will write more about the interesting but very crowded Ramla later.

The flight was a little humpy with airholes and ups and downs. Nothing to be scared about. Here a view into the cockpit. Amazing with all that buttons.

Billedresultat for cockpit

It is really amazing that you can walk into a plane from a very cold winterplace and then three hours later you get out of the plane in 20 degree celcius and palmtrees around you. I love that feeling a lot more than the other way around.

We came to Barcelone to see the big and important footballmatch in La Liga sunday between FC Barcelona and Athletico Madrid on Camp Nou. That left us good time to see all the other great things in Barcelona, though my soon rather would relax all the time until the match. But No No No. That wasn´t my plan…

From Barcelona With Love 2 is on it´s way


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Summer timeline Longings

I am one of those who wants summer all year around. Of course there is a hugher kind of delight and happiness when the spring and summer is back after a long, cold and dark winter, but that doesn´t change the fact that I want it to be summer all year around.  The cold and darkness gives you so many limits in your opportunities to live your life to the fullest. I just love being outside in the woods, fields, oceans and on the beach in summertime. I just love cultivating vegetables, fruit, berries and being in the garden of mine and of course travelling to beautiful and exiting places.

Below I will show you some of my lovely summerexperiences from around the world during my life for the past 10 years.


KRKA National Park in Croatia



Riverrafting on Cetina, Croatia


Omis, Croatia


Pelion, Greece

I could show you much more summer pictures from around the world. Hope you like them. I can feel the summer in these photoes and I am so happy that the spring is just around the corner. Next time I will show you pictures from New Zealand. Always remember the spring and summer inside of you.


Love summer and sun




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Orange Flag – Orange Flames

Brothers Of War

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Orange Flag 

Orange Flames

My dear Friend I Tag tag tag

After War After Games

All relaxing on resting and party day

Much to evaluate and talk about

The scores will about the actions say

Who is the winner, there is no doubt.

Image may contain: 3 people, tree and outdoor

But in the end we are all winners 

After this journey

I always Thank you all.

Love and gratitude

From Sergent



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Sustainable Travel

What is Sustainable Travel?

written by Gabi Logan

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Among the different types of travel that we incorporate into eco travel – green travel, ecotourism, responsible travel, sustainable travel, ethical travel, and culturally-aware travel – sustainable travel is one of the most precisely defined and diverse from the rest.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines it simply as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” while the World Tourism Organization (LINK) specifies it is the “management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems.”

Beyond Environmental Sustainability

The press often discusses the environmental aspects of sustainable development, as in how to build and run a destinationwith a net-zero environmental impact that allows tourism to continue indefinitely without compromising the destination. But this narrow focus ignores the important economic implications of sustainable travel for local communities.

Billedresultat for sustainable travel

Sustainable travel doesn’t just preserve the natural environment so that future tourists can benefit, it preserves the environment so that it meets the current and future needs of the local community and funds conservation.

Even more importantly, it incorporates the activities of tourists and travel companies into the local economy in such a way that the economics of tourism don’t create friction with local people, local businesses, or native culture or traditions.

How to Travel Sustainably

A key aspect of sustainable travel is to choose your destination and accommodations wisely.

Many popular destinations are known for the negative effects travel has on the local culture and environment. While there may be a handful of businesses offering sustainable options and developments in these destinations, it can be hard to separate them from the fray.

When you travel, look at how tourism has affected the community you are visiting:

  • Do some businesses seem to cater only to tourists?
  • Do vendors peddle tacky souvenirs as opposed to traditional handicrafts?
  • Do restaurants offer food that tourists like or expect as opposed to typical local cuisine? (A certain hamburger chain comes to mind as an offender in this area)

Travelling sustainably can be trickier than travelling green or in a culturally-aware fashion. It requires research on the part of the traveller into both the destination’s offerings and the business practices of those offerings.


Love and wisdom around the world