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Kære venner og entusiaster. Nu er der endelig ved at ske noget igen på SeKiFi-fronten. Jeg starter nu helt sikkert op på Strøbyskolen her til August. Det bliver en gang om ugen kl. 19 til 20.30 enten mandag, tirsdag eller torsdag aften. Alle er velkomne og alle kan være med til en super alsidig styrke- og kredsløbstræning i kampsportens navn.

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SeKiFi er for dig der gerne vil lære din krop bedre at kende gennem kampsportsorienteret cirkeltræning, hvor du vil lære forskellige slag, sparke og kasteteknikker, selvforsvar, yoga og meditation. Her lærer du at udnytte dit fulde kropslige potentiale som vil give dig selvtillid og handlemuligheder.

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En typisk træningsgang er:

  1. Start op meditation og yoga.
  2. Grundig opvarmning til musik
  3. Kamplege (sjove aktiviteter).
  4. Tekniktræning (fx slag og spark)
  5. Kampsportscirkeltræning (styrke- og kredsløbstræning) til musik
  6. Selvforsvar
  7. Udstrækning og yoga
  8. Afslutningsmeditation

Sekifis billede.

Ses i august.
Er du interesseret?


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Health, Physical activity, Wellness

Benefits to Exercising While Nude

You’ve probably seen the naked yoga classes and the carefully posed Instagram posts extolling the virtues of working out naked. It turns out that nude fitness may be more than just a trend. It may have actual benefits.

Personal trainer Keith McNiven tells the New York Post that for many people working out is about getting to know your body and feel comfortable with it. Being naked basically just amps the ante on this. Another benefit is that by seeing yourself naked in the mirror, you can see all the changes that your body is going through, helping you to stay on track. You can see each muscle group working and visualize the impact of the exercise. Working out in the nude helps your skin breathe, without being hindered by sweaty spandex or even “breathable” fabrics that can cause breakouts after a sweat session. And unhindered by clothing, your body can fully move and bend, allowing you to experience a fuller range of flexibility.

Advocates of nude sweat sessions also claim that you can burn more calories without clothing and focus on problem areas more easily. If you’re on a budget, you’ll save money on workout wear. And then there’s also the theory that workout gear infringes on blood flow so that your workout will be more successful in the nude.

Although working out naked seems to be taking off in 2018, it’s actually an ancient practice that dates back to the ancient Greeks. And of course, if you’re not buying workout wear, then you don’t have any workout wear to wash — which means less laundry to do.

And of course, there’s the whole childhood wonder of feeling free and air flowing all over your body. So if you’re wondering whether or not getting buff in the buff is a good idea, you could always give it a try and find out if it works for you.

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I was once invited to nude swimming a public place, where they announced a cozy night swimming in candlelights. It sounded appealing, exciting and like a good challenge, but I unfortunately I didn´t go. I didn´t dare. I regret that now and I am looking forward to the next invitation.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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People With These Five Habits Live Longer

Well Maybe you will not be surprised by this at all, but a great new study shows that these five factors has a huge impact on your life.

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These five habits are according to a new research from Harvard University giving you exstra years to live:

  1. No smoking
  2. Limited and small amounts of alcohol
  3. Exercise
  4. Low bodyweight
  5. Healthy diet (food).

People with these five habits live average about 12 years more according to the research (

In a study with more than 120.000 people in the States the researchers discovered, that people who followed the five habits lived more than a decade longer than those who didn´t. They also lowered their risk of getting heart diseases.

This means No smoking, a BMI between 18,5 and 25, a half hour of exercise each day, max one glass of vine a day and lots of vegetables and fruit each day.

The Study is publiced in the Scientific Journal Circulation.

But of course. There are no guarantees. You have your genes and your life philosophy too as a very important factor as well.

Live life……hopefully long and with good quality.



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Exercise Relieve Pain

20 Years of research shows that exercise relieves pain

Physical Activity has a very important role if you want to ease your pain all kinds of places in your body. The doctors behind the research recommend exercise and physical activity for treatment of all kinds of diseases e.g.  diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Anyway many people do not follow these recommendations because of joint pains and fear of that exercise will make it even worse. But now 20 years of  research has clearly shown that exercise is an excellent pain reliever.

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Two simple rules

There are two simple “Pain Rules” you should follow:, du bør følge:

  • The pain after exercise should be tolerable.
  • You should not experience increasing pain from your exercise day to the next.

Your pain should be evaluated every day after exercise on a scale from 1 – 10., where:

  • 0 to 2 is: Harmless pain
  • 2 to 5 is: Bearable pain
  • 5 to 10 means: Avoid this kind of exercise.

Here is an example:

Your ordinary pain experience is “3”. After the exercise you experience the pain as “5”. That is fine.

But if your usual pain experience is “3”, and you after exercise feel the pain like “7”, then you have overworked your body and that of course is not good. Then you have to take it more easy next time.

If your pain experience after exercise is “5”, but only “3” the next morning, then everything is just fine.

But if your pain experience is “5” after your exercise, and still is “4” or “5” the next morning, then you have overworked and you have to take it more easy next time.

Keep on exercising, but not as intense and exhausting.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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10 Ways To Be Healthier

10 painless ways to be healthier now


♥ 1 – Take your vitamins. It’s just not that hard. Our western diet is (largely) lacking in nutrients. Even if we eat pretty well, it’s unlikely that we get ALL the nutrition we need from our food. I have a reverse osmosis water system that makes our water taste SO great for drinking, but it also removes all the minerals from the water. Water is supposed to be a great source of minerals! If you regularly drink wine (or any alcohol for that matter) you might be lacking in magnesium as alcohol causes the body to lose magnesium. So take your vitamins. I keep mine by the sink so I see them everyday, and everyday I take them with breakfast.

♥ 2 – Eat whole foods. Even if you don’t want to go buy organic, you can switch from processed to whole and you will STILL reap the benefits. Whole foods will take you a huge step in the right direction towards getting some nutrition from food. Whole food is food the way it was meant to be eaten. Plus you’ll be cutting down on the chemical additives / preservatives in processed foods.

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♥ 3 – Quit Pop. So I get that this might be the thing on this list that I’m calling “painless” that some people will think is actually pretty painful.But it’s on the list anyway, because I believe if you are regular pop drink it’s the ONLY thing on the list you have to do today. Pop is the one thing that I absolutely can not justify. I can justify wine, chocolate, ice cream once in a while. And if I was trying hard, I could even justify a single mixed drink now and then. But not pop as something to drink regularly. I know you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again, just for good measure. There are THIRTY-NINE GRAMS of sugar in one can of coke. You’re daily maximum, (that’s maximum, as in the most that is considered acceptable for your body) is 25 grams. That means if you have one can of coke per day, you actually can’t healthfully even enjoy a spoonful of sugar in your coffee.

♥ 4 – And exchange it for water. (You knew that would be on the list!) When I was maybe 18 I read this book – You are not sick, You’re Thirsty, and it changed my entire outlook on drinking water. The author (Dr. F. Batmanghelidj) tells us that drinking water will cure many of the “diseases” that are rampant in all parts of the world – asthma, allergies, arthritis, hypertension, depression, headaches, diabetes, obesity ect. And for most of us in North America (well, and Europe, Australia, New Zealand ect) we have easy access to water and it’s often FREE. We all know that the benefits of drinking water are real.

♥ 5 – Look for natural remedies before you grab over the counter chemicals. (I know there’s a place for pills, I just don’t think they should be the first thing we reach for.) Look into a natural anti-inflammatory like Turmeric instead of Ibuprofen, try peppermint oil for headaches, apple cider vinegar for heartburn, kefir for digestive problems and serenity formula for stress or anxiety (I wrote a whole post on natural supplements for anxiety, because I believe so strongly in them!). The fewer chemicals your body needs to process the better.

♥ 6 – Move your body. I’m not suggesting that you start cross-fit if that sounds like hell on earth to you… I’m suggesting you find something you genuinely enjoy doing that’s a little bit active. It could be dancing, swimming, walking, rock climbing… I love running. To me, it’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time, and it does NOT feel like a chore. Find something that you love, and it won’t be hard to do.

♥ 7 – Appreciate that body that moves. Constantly hating yourself for being “too” much of one thing, or “not enough” of another will only lead you down sad and dangerous roads. Healthy people are happy in their skin. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to improve themselves or continue to work towards their goals, but they do have an appreciation for what they have today.

♥ 8 – Unwind with a glass of wine. But just one, and preferably red. You can’t deprive yourself of all the good things in life and expect to live healthfully. If wine isn’t your thing, or you don’t do booze (in which case, good for you!), then maybe ice cream once a week or so? Have a treat and enjoy it.

♥ 9 – Cut back on TV and your phone. Read more, write more, paint. Play a board game with your person. To have a healthy mind we need to let it wander into new places once in a while. You might even find you don’t miss the TV! I certainly don’t. And staying off social media really helps with my anxiety.

♥ 10 – Prioritize sleep. This is a pretty recent addition to the list for me. It’s only in the past four months or so that I’ve really worked on prioritizing sleep. I get more sleep now than I did this time last year and I feel SO much better. When I was sleeping crappy (my fault) I was grumpy and everything I did just seemed hard. It’s difficult to put the effort into exercise or cooking or picking up a book if you’re exhausted. Get some decent rest! Plus your body restores itself while you sleep, so it makes sense you need to do this to be healthy.

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I do these things more or less without thinking about them now. I’m always looking for new ways to treat my body well, but sometimes it’s the simplest things (that we overlook) that can provide the most benefit. Any step in the right direction is a step in the right direction. So drink more water, and feel better about your health RIGHT NOW!


Love, Health And Wisdom



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The Full-Body Orgasm

The Full-body orgasm is one of the most powerful ways to make a woman come. Here’s how to do it.

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The Full-body orgasm is one of the most powerful ways to make a woman come.

Ladies, here’s how to have a full-body orgasm in four simple steps

She’ll come harder from this method than by intercourse or oral sex. If she’s used to having weak orgasms, this full-body technique will make her so happy and satisfied.

If you’ve studied any sex techniques before, you know that that a woman’s clit isn’t some “magic pleasure button”.

Rather it’s a complex network of nerves that are all connected. The clit, is just an area where a large group of these nerves meet.

Most guys think of a few “hot spots” like the clit and g-spot as if they’re isolated areas.

They think that by simply playing with one, she’ll have an explosive orgasm.

The truth is that it’s a complex network of nerves that are all connected. The clit is just one area where a large group of these nerves meet.

Imagine a subway system.

You’ve got a few major stations where many others connect and there’s always a mass of there.

The clit, g-spot, a-spot and deep spots are like those major stations.

Here’s what’s awesome…

By stimulating 2 or more of these areas at the same time, you multiply the effect!

You send pleasure rumbling throughout her entire core.

This is what leads to full-body, orgasmic bliss.

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Now before I show you how to do it, I recommend you only use this technique once you’ve given her at least 1 orgasm.

When you do, she’s already in an orgasmic haze and giving her full body orgasms is a lot easier.

So here’s how to do it:

Get her laying on her back in a comfortable position.

Once you’ve got both fingers inside her, place your index finger on her g-spot, and your middle finger on her a-spot.

The g-spot is 1 to 3 inches inside of her against the “ceiling” and is about the size of a nickel. It’ll feel like a raspberry and is distinctively different then the surrounding area.

With your middle finger, reach back about 2 inches further until you find a smoother area.

With your other hand, place the bottom of your palm on her clit. Your fingers should rest on her pubic bone. It’s the area above her clit that will have hair if she doesn’t shave.

Now, don’t move this hand. Instead, move both your fingers on the inside and notice what happens to your other hand.

It’ll start to move a little as a result of moving the others.

This is because all these pleasure spots connect together.

Now try jiggling your hand that’s over her clit and pubic bone.

Try massing her pubic bone with your fingers while your palm stays as still as possible.

You can also place your palm on her pubic bone with your thumb aiming down onto her clit.

From here, apply a little pressure with your palm on her pubic bone and use your thumb to stimulate her clit.

You don’t even have to move your thumb. The internal fingering motion will make her clit rub against your thumb.

Now try applying a little pressure to her clit and see what feels better to her.

You can also try rubbing her clit one way while making your come here motion inside of her. This one can be tough to pull off so don’t worry if you mess up the first time.

Try all these methods and see which one gives your girl the most pleasure.

This is an advanced technique so be patient. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen the first time.

Here is another way to do it:

To make it easier on yourself, give her at least 1 regular orgasm first!


Love, Health And Wisdom



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I´D Rather Sweat Like A Pig, Than Eat Like One


It can be hard to always be motivated to keep up with fitness goals. When someone has a bad day, the weather is bad, or when there are other things that can be done, it’s hard to find the will to go workout. Having a source of fitness inspiration to keep you on track and meeting your goals is important.

sweat like a pig


I love food, but I need to remember that God put it here for our nutrition, not our pleasure.

One way to stay inspired when working out is to reward yourself when you reach your goals. If the goal is to go to the gym more often, reward yourself when you reach that goal. If you want to go to the gym five days a week, have your reward on the sixth day of the week. The reward could be a day out shopping, going out with friends, or going to a spa. Anything that is really enjoyed that isn’t done often can be a reward.

Healthy habits

Drink More Water !!!

If the goal is to lose weight, set weight loss milestones that must be met before the reward can happen. Be sure that you don’t use rewards that can set your goal backwards. If ten pounds are lost, avoid using an all-you-can-eat buffet or drinks that are full of empty calories as the reward. The reward system is an enjoyable way to get your motivation back if its beginning to slip away.

Fitness typographic poster. You are stronger than you think. Motivational and inspirational illustration. Lettering. For logo, T-shirt design, banner, stamp, poster, bodybuilding or fitness club.

Another method to help stay on target to reach the goals is signing a contract. Have some friends around and write up a contract stating what you will do to stay on track. Write down exactly what the goal is. If you are trying to exercise for at least an hour a day every day, write that down. Tell the friends exactly what the plans are. Have everyone sign the contract when it’s completed.


…..and you can change…..if you want to. It is all in your mind. Where there is a will, there is a way.


Love, Health And Wisdom