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My name is Brian Skaanning Jacobsen. I am 47 years old, Married and have three boys of 21, 20 and 16.

I am Cand.pæd.psyc (Master of psychology 2010), Educational diplomacy in psychology (2001), Teacher (1997), physical trainer and lifestyle coach. Sergeant in the Royal Guard (1991-1996).

Since 2010 I have been leader of my own lecture and course compagny, WiseMovement.

I have made this blog to reach out to you and give you informations and inspiration, so you can create a better life for yourself. A life with more health, wellness, physical activity, wisdom, love and in general quality of life. That is my mission. Hope you will join in. I wish you the best.

I have always been physical active. I love to feel my body move and accomplish things. I have been doing all kinds of sports: OCR, Soccer, handball, triathlon, marathon, mountainbiking, taekwondo, kickboxing, thai chi, yoga, kayak, canoe, climbing, tabletennis, badminton, tennis, swimming etc.

In 2018 i Started my own SeKiFi club. SeKiFi stands for Selfdefense, Kickboxing and Fitness.

I have publiced two books:

“WiseMovement – Læring med hele kroppen” 2013 (Learning with you whole body).

This book is about how the human being is learning and developing in an optimal way. In this book i describe new theories about how the brain and body function optimal, when you are physical active. This also in learning situations. I give you several examples of how you can use physical activity in al subjects in the educational system.

“WiseMovement – Gi dig selv vinger” 2015 (Give yourself wings).

This book is about giving yourself more quality of life. It´s about lifephilosophy, mental and physical health, how the body works, healthy food, different kinds of training and restitution etc.

You can order my danish and english books on this mailaddress: 



Love, health and wisdom

Brian Skaanning Jacobsen