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Now is the time to become more aware of your energy health. As Albert Einstein taught us, energy is indestructible. It can not be created nor distroyed. It simply changes form. At physical death your energy self lives on. Energy exists beyond the confines of time and space and is more powerful than the physical body.

Billedresultat for Energy exists beyond the confines of time and space and is more powerful than the physical body.

When you activate and harness your energetic vibrational power you can heal, restore, and sustain your physical body, your emotions, and your mental health.

Good physical, mental and emotional health begins with a strong energetic constitution. Disturbances and toxins in the energy body are the root of many illnesses, chronic physical pain, emotional imbalances, and mental disorders. Once energy comes into balance and positive energy replaces toxic and stagnant energy, the body responds and heals.

A healthy energy body also reduces emotional and mental stress and anxiety, insomnia, and exhaustion, and restores endocrine system health, balances our hormones, allows us to loose weight, and restores the muscular and skeletal system.

The following schedules with 42 questions you can find out how good your Energy Health is.

A. Energy Bottom Feeder

You are absorbing lower vibration and possibly toxic energy. This is unhealthy for your mind, body, and spirit. Steps need to be taken to come into energetic balance. It is important to learn how to protect yourself from being bombarded with energy that is not for your best.

B. Walking the energy tightrope

You are on the precipice of being overwhelmed by harmful energy. You are experiencing moments of dipping into the cesspool of lower vibrations. It is important that you learn how to discern energy that is in your highest good from energy vibrations that drain your reserves. By becomming more sensitive to the quality of the energy in your environment and what you are absorbing, you can come into balance and increase your positive energy bank.

C. The Axis of Harmony

You are not showing  signs of being overwhelmed by negative and toxic energy. You can choose to further open to the higher vibrations and increase the flow of positive energy into your body, mind and spirit. Continue to stay aware and trust your intuitive sense of your energy environment. You are most likely the person that everyone wants to be close to. Others feel good, positive, uplifted, and light just being next to you.

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Love, good energy and wisdom


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Making your mind more positive