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From “Develop Your Medical Intuition”

These steps below will help you to heal, improve and create and sustain good energy health.

As you refine and improve your intuitive skills and abilities you develop more sensitivity to energy vibration and essence. It becomes vitally important to you to be alert and mindful of your daily interaction with energy. We do not absorb negative, fear-based and toxic energy because we want to. Most people unknowingly and with out conscious intent absorb the pain, stress, negative thoughts, fear and anger of others and the world. Just as unknowingly eating food or drinking water that is unclean or contaminated will cause illness and infection, absorbing low-vibration energy affects you even when you are unaware of it.

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Establish energetic balance and attracting positive energy is to activate the power of your spirit and taking charge of your life. You can regulate and control what you absorb and interact with. Your spirit is the eternal part of you that is connected to the highest vibrations of love and wisdom. As your conscious personality self comes into alignment with your spirit, you act as one force of unified power. You atttract and unite with the positive. The dark, negative and dysfunctional is repelled.

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Your spirit speaks to you through your intuition. On a daily basis your intuition can guide you toward those situations, activities, thoughts, emotions and environments that uplift and increase your positive energy quota. Every day you knowingly and unknowingly make choises that either promote good energy health or add an energetic burden to your body, mind and emotions. Your intuition can steer you away from people who have ill intent and those who drain your energy or try to energetically unload their negativity or stress on you. It can help you to avoid dangerous situations and instead point you in the direction of those circumstances that fill you with love and strengthen you. Your intuition will help you know the source of what is exhausting and depleting your energy reserves and adversely affecting your mind, body and spirit.

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Intuitive guidance is usually quite simple and straightforward. Listen to your body. Pay attention to what stimulates queasy, uneasy, good feelings of stress and dread, nervousness and tension. Your body never lie. Feel your emotions through your whole body. Notice what fills you with dread, or provokes anxiety, fear, stress and apprehension. Pay attension to negative self-talk and the inner voice that tells you that something is “off” or “not right”. When you get an intuitive flash of danger or a warning, do not override it with overly logical arguments. Remember your dreams and work to decipher their message. Your intuition will often work through your dreams to bring to light what your conscious mind is denying. When you experience any of these intuitive messages, take some time alone and ask within for more guidance and a better understanding. Remember that appearances are deceiving. Be willing to explore the energy of all that you come into contact with, both near and far.

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