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I Know A Place…

I know a place and I have only been there once, but I am longing to be there again. The place is Pelion a region in the south east of the mainland of Greece.

I have been many places in the world, but I think this place beats everywhere I have been so far. Fantastic ocean, a lush landscape with lots of different fruit trees, lovely restaurants and locals and almost no tourism.

When I was there is the summer of 2017, I meet a great Greek, Odys. He was the kayak instructor at the place in Dharmouchari we stayed. There was a fantastic chemistry and we have written to eachother now for almost two years. I have promized him to come as soon as possible again.

Odys is quite a handyman and he has made some holiday houses for tourists to rent. Maybe you are interested? For more pictures and information, write me.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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