Training for The Spartan Beast Berlin 2019 – Running 3-7-19

Just for the record. I do not post all the different kinds of physical activities that I do each day. That would be to much modestly speaking ;o).

Yesterday it was time for long-run-training. The Spartan Beast is 21 km long with lots of obstacles in between, so you just have to have many km in your legs, so you can have the physical surplus to all the 30 demanding obstacles. And yes this time I am aiming for the podium in my age group.

When you read this you maybe thinking, he is crazy, I am going to do that to, or something in between. How do you actually get motivated to run a long distance, or just runn at all.

One motivation factor could be to set yourself a goal that you want to achieve in the future. If it is a long term goal, then remember to set some milestones in between. The motivation for me here is off course The Spartan Beast Berlin with podium.

What else can motivate you. Here below is some features that motivates me in my training. I use Polar because it works for me. It is just great to see how you perform. Is there a progress?


Actually it was one of my fastest long distance run in a long time, so well done Brian.

Afterwards I did a little heavy lifting, but I would not recommend that in general, because when you have had a hard cardiovascular training, then the body is pretty loaded. But I was a little behind in my strenght schedule, so I did it anyway.

It is quite funny when I am writing this Suunto is writing a mail to me about running…..Is someone watching me???? Well when it comes to the digital world you never know, but one thing you can be sure of, is that you will always get the truth on this blog.

Set a goal……I have mine.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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