Pushing limits

Why the hell should I push my limits. I like to be comfortable. I don´t need anyone to tell me what to do. Well I will do so anyway.

Don´t you agree that it gives you a good feeling to achieve things in life? To accomplish and use your skills? Then why not get more skills and accomplish more and more things. Things that you didn´t believe was possible for you. Things that you have made up your mind that will never happen.

I think that you will agree with me that development is a good thing. And that development really FEELS very good. You know Lev Vygotskij. He was a very wise russian psykologist and he made the theory of Zone of proximal development.

CLILstore unit 2478: 4.2. Zonen for nærmeste udvikling (ZPD) og  stilladsering

I will give you an example from yesterday. I am very afraid of heights. Nonetheless I went to Camp Adventure to climp in the high trees. I was quite nervous before entering the forrest, but I had to show my two boys that I was in control and having a great time. Well they actually  know that I am afraid of heights and they looked at me from time to time, just to make sure that I was all right. We started climbing 7 meters up and here anxiety got to me. Breathe Brian, breathe Brian deep in your belly. Keep calm and I got the 7 meters up ready to go all the 750 meters 7 meters up in the trees.

There 7 meters up I stared down and calmed myself down, so I could take this photo. Maybe I was diverting the attention somewhere else. Below I do not look that afraid….but believe me I was.

This was out of my comfort zone. I was pushing my limits indeed. But it was so clearly that I was in the zone of proximal development and after a half hour I could feel that I was going in to the Flow Zone. One of the best zones existing.

So my message to you is: Push your limits, you live only once, get out of your comfort zone and feel a little danger, here you find development – The zone of proximal development. Make sure that your kids is in that zone to.

Afterwards my oldest son, Andreas and I ran the 600 meters spiral 45 meters up in the Forrest tower. People were looking at us thinking they must be crazy. But I have always wanted to run all the way to the top since the first time I saw that tower. Now I did that too.

Amazing view before the rain came.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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