Good earthing

Good Earthing

Maybe you do not think so much about how important your footwear is. Footwear is actually the most important garment you wear. Your feet are your absolute touch to your surroundings. It is through this that you receive shocks up through your body from your steps as you walk, run and jump. This can of course be done without footwear, but it naturally places some restrictions on the surface and, for example, the season.

Your foot surface is also the focal point for all your nerves in the body. Through e.g. reflexology, you can actually stimulate all areas and processes in the body from under the feet. Therefore, the way you treat your feet is extremely important for your well-being. Below you can see the different areas of the feet that are connected to the rest of the body. You can stimulate these areas yourself, or you can get others to play reflexologist if you do not want to give money for it. It's well given out. It gives a great feeling, just like massage, to stimulate the feet/body in that way. If you have a headache, for example, you can find the β€œmain point” under your feet and stimulate this. Try it next time you have pain in a certain place. Of course, you need to be good at your feet all the time. Foot bathing and airing one's feet (freeing them from shoes and socks) regularly is also good.

The zones of the feet

Of course, we have very different feet and thus also have needs and requirements for how our footwear should be, but in general, you can say that the footwear is healthy if it allows the toes to spread freely and that the shoes are shock-absorbing (have a certain softness at the bottom).

I even have some pretty difficult feet. You are quite flatfooted and pronate (the feet fall inwards towards the middle zone of the body) therefore a lot, and then I have problems with a too straight loin. Overall, this means I need to have some shoes that have room for my toes. I have also been playing football for many years. All the hours in football boots that press my toes together to such an extent have certainly not done any good for my feet (though have not regretted anything). Generally, the toes should not be pressed together for long periods as it goes beyond your natural balance. It is your toes that help keep the balance, and if they are pressed together, then you will have to compensate in the knees and back. If this happens over a long period, then you can naturally have problems with your feet, knees, and back. I also need to have some shoes that have good shock-absorbing soles. I therefore almost always wear running shoes or sports sneakers. On a rare occasion, I jump in some nice leather shoes. Ie. that they might not be that nice anymore because they are actually 15 years old and I have actually used them more than 30 in a year. It tells a lot about the quality. The shoe that you can see below is from the Danish shoe company Bianco Footwear, which was established in 1987 by Rene Piper Laursen. Unfortunately, not all of their shoes provide enough space for the toes, but some of them do, for example, these. These have been amazing and yes I know they need to be polished.

My Bianco shoes

In addition, in my younger years, I also had a lot of Ecco shoes. Who has not worn a pair of Ecco shoes during their lifetime? If you have looked at the Ecco shoe over time, then most people may agree that Ecco especially the last 10-15 has come in handy in smart modern shoes. This has happened at the same time as the good quality and health of the shoes are maintained. I do not even have some Ecco shoes at the moment, but here you can see their large selection for every taste and need Ecco.

Remember to be good at your feet. Especially you women who constantly have to suffer a lot for beauty. Unfortunately, the smart / hip goes too rarely hand in hand with the healthy.

This article was updated on July 15, 2022