Group of friends toasting during an italian aperitif
15. januar 2017

Understanding each others signals


She’s not interested in sex, but he thinks she is

Women and men misunderstand each other’s signals of friendliness and sexual interest. But these misinterpretations are no surprise to evolutionary psychologists.

Imagine the following scenario: a woman and a man are having a conversation. She is interested in the conversation, and is friendly, smiling and warm. He interprets her behaviour as sexual interest.

Or maybe: a man is sexually attracted to a woman he has just met, and signals this in various ways. She thinks that he is just being friendly.

Recognize these situations? If so, you’re not alone.

Group of friends toasting during an italian aperitif


We misunderstand each other

In a recent study at the Department of Psychology at NTNU, women reported that men often misinterpret their signals of friendliness as sexual interest. Conversely, the men in the study reported that women often misinterpret their signals of sexual interest as friendliness.

“The results are no surprise, seen from an evolutionary perspective,” researcher Mons Bendixen explains. “The fascinating thing is that our results are identical to a study done in the USA, even though Norway is one of the most gender-equal, sexually liberal countries in the world.”

In most areas of psychology, there is little to no difference between genders: mental capacity, intellectual achievements, food preferences — men and women are all more or less the same. But when it comes to reproduction and challenges related to finding a sexual partner, there are suddenly differences to be found.

Evolutionary psychology is the study of how the human mind has evolved, developed and adapted over time. One thing that evolutionary psychologists are specifically interested in is gendered sexual psychology between cultures and social groups. Seen through the lens of evolutionary psychology, we can better understand why men often wrongly assume that women who smile and laugh during conversation may want to sleep with them.


Men can’t be picky

A man’s ability to reproduce is all about seizing every opportunity. He has to spend both money and time on courtship, which still may not lead to sex. But it costs even more to not try, because then he won’t be able to reproduce.

“A man’s reproductive fitness, meaning the amount offspring he produces, is dependent on how many women he is able to make pregnant. But that’s not how it works for women,” Bendixen explains.

A woman can have sex with multiple men over a short period of time without producing any more children. So for men, it is a low-risk, potentially high-reward situation for men to have sex with women whenever the opportunity presents itself.

On the other hand, the cost is potentially great for a woman if she thinks that a man is more sexually interested than she is. A woman risks pregnancy, birth, nursing and raising the child, as well as lost oppotunities to reproduce with others. Across thousands of generations, women’s psychology has evolved to set the bar higher, which means they need much clearer signals than men before they consider sex.

“Even though these processes aren’t conscious, we can still empirically measure the results,” Bendixen says.


Similar to an American study

The recent study at NTNU included 308 heterosexual participants between the ages of 18 and 30. Fifty-nine per cent of participants were women.

The participants were all heterosexual because sexual intercourse between men and women is necessary for reproduction. Half of the women and 40 per cent of the men were in relationships. The questions were identical to questions asked in a similar American study from 2003. Here are a few examples:

Have you ever been friendly to a person of the opposite gender, and had your actions interpreted as sexual interest? If yes, how many times has this happened?

Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone and shown interest, and had the other person misinterpret your signals as friendliness? If yes, how many times has this happened?


Men misinterpret most often

The results show that both men and women find that their social signals are misinterpreted by the opposite sex. Women in the study answered that they had acted friendly towards a man about 3.5 times over the past year on average, and had this misinterpreted as sexual interest. The men in the study also reported having been misinterpreted by the opposite sex in this way, but far less often.

Billedresultat for misforståede signaler

The results also show that men rarely misinterpret women who actually do signal sexual interest. The study also shows that this is independent of whether or not the person is in a steady relationship or not.

Bedixen points out that Norway is considered to be one of the most gender-equal countries in the world. The USA, on the other hand, where a similar study was done in 2003, is ranked as 20th on the World Economic Forum’s list for equality around the world.
“The fact that the hypothesis in evolutionary psychology is supported even when the study is in a society where gender equality is strong, weakens alternative claims that the social roles of men and women in different cultures determine their psychology in these situations,” he says.


Does not excuse sexual harassment

Researchers at the Department of Psychology are now going to use data collected from high school students to see if the results of this study are also valid for people aged 16-19, and if these miscommunications might lead to sexual harassment.

“Even though evolutionary psychology and our findings can help account for some sexually inappropriate behaviour in men, it doesn’t mean that evolutionary psychologists defend this happening. Measures can be taken to prevent sexual harassment. It will help if we just teach men that a woman who laughs at your jokes, stands close, or touches your arm at a party doesn’t mean that she’s sexually interested, even if you think she is,” Bendixen says.


Mutual love and friendship



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13. januar 2017

The Insigth Of Life 7

Learning and development, Mindset, Psychology, Wellness

I hope you follow so far and have tried to integrate the other six insights. I know it is difficult to think and rethink in a new way, but it really is the right way for you to go and to develop a better you and a better world. Keep on working, I know you will get there. Here is the 7 th insight.

The Seventh Insight is called ” Engaging the Flow.” It builds on the previous insight, “Clearing the Past,” which describes how we unconsciously gain security in stressful times through mechanical behaviors, our particular way of controlling others. Once we have become aware of this behavior, we can stabilize our Connection and remain in regular contact with the true source of all energy. It is then that we can discover our life’s work or mission and start making our meaningful contribution to the world.

What is it that you really want to achieve in life?

puffy clouds in a soft dreamy color with a paper texture overlay toned with a retro vintage instagram filter effect app or action

Dreams hires desires

desires hires dreams

They make you feel alive

But not as easy at it seems

It´s a battle and a strive

But feel alive alive alive

Dreaming of more in life

Living on the edge of a knife

Do things and be happy with people around you

Remember they have a life too.

How far can you go

and do you dare to do so……..?

With our mission in mind, and as our lives move forward, The Seventh Insight deals with the process of consciously evolving yourself to stay alert to every coincidence, aimed at our ultimate calling. Sometimes, when things have a special meaning, they jump out at you, entering your consciousness in a forceful way, coming to you as guidance. It is only as we continually engage the flow that we can accomplish our life’s work. Yesterday I followed my desire to spend some time with a wunderful and lovely woman I just met. Sometimes you just feel that you have to follow things up with people you meet. Because you feel connected and they have something to give as well as you feel you have things/energy to give. I felt that she gave a lot of good energy that evening and I gave back. I felt the flow. I felt alive. It was lovely and tea was also brought into a new dimension. It really was the best synchronistic teadrinking flow ever ;o).

Once we begin to pursue a connection with our own mission, guidance comes to point the way for us toward our ultimate destiny. Guidance happens through the process of constant questioning that leads to a greater synchronistic flow.

How To Notice Intuition

When a question arises in our minds, it focuses our thoughts. Our thoughts take the shape around this question in the form of night dreams, daydreams, and intuition that then lead us forward to the answers that we are seeking.

In this buildup of consciousness, we become aware of our Intuitive Guidance at a higher level. Through practicing MINDFULNESS, we can discern between ordinary, calculative thoughts and the more mystical, Intuitive thoughts and feelings.

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Here’s the key difference:

Calculative thoughts are the words we consciously think to ourselves when processing a general problem. This is a significant thought process, but this is not Intuition.

Intuitions are spontaneous notions that appear to come from nowhere. They seem just to occur to us with a hint of inspiration and discovery, yet we didn’t think of them, in the calculative sense. While our egos may well be in the habit of taking credit for such thoughts (“aren’t we smart”), upon closer inspection, we can see they are obtained from some deeper source within us.

Intuitions come from a superior part of our intelligence. They naturally appear in the back of our minds as clarifying ideas on how to proceed. In short, they are ideas that sometimes seem too random, spontaneous, and not logical, but upon greater interpretation they can be observed to apply perfectly to the situation at hand.

Once we begin to identify guiding intuitions in this way, we realize how we have been missing them in the past. When clarifying the different types of thought, ask yourself, “Why did I just think of this now?”


Mindful Intuition

We learn to become detached observers of our experience, employing a habit of watchfulness over every experience as we proceed through our daily lives. This Mindfulness involves close observation of what happens in our outer world but also being attuned to the various thoughts and feelings that show up in our minds.

The idea is to stay impartial and patiently monitor everything you feel or think, including ideas, images, emotions, and automatic reactions. Be the objective viewer without getting distracted by memories, worries, regrets, unfinished plans, or any other ego concerns. When distraction does occur, catch yourself and return to the observer position quickly.

Once we learn to identify intuitions, we realize how they bring forth Synchronicity (another elevation of awareness occurring). First, we receive an Intuitive picture (an urge) to end or begin something, to solve a problem, or to pursue some line of interest. Then, if we follow the guidance diligently with MINDFULNESS, an important Synchronistic breakthrough will take place — thus leading our lives forward to our greater calling. In this way, following our Intuitions is the key to increasing our Synchronistic Flow and maintaining our flow of destiny.

The Seventh Insight also deals with how to interpret our night dreams and daydreams. When a night dream occurs, compare the dream story to your life. Bad dreams have the most important messages since they act as warnings of things that are probable but can be avoided by recognizing the message from the dream.

However, when a daydream occurs, we must ask why? How does it relate to you as seen from the position of an observer. The Seventh Insight says that fear images should be stopped as soon as they come. Then another image, one with a good outcome, should be willed through your mind. Your intuitions will be about positive things.

Soon, negative images will almost never happen. When they do occur thereafter, they could have particularly serious meanings, and their message should be dealt with accordingly.

I believe our Intuitive thoughts, night dreams, and daydreams are elemental to the process of downloading our higher, divine intelligence through an increased spiritual connection. Yes, we have free will, and we can exercise our reasons and preferences at every turn. But, recognizing our inner, spiritual intelligence opens us up to a life guidance. One that will address how we can break through old habits and distractions, and then find and evolve to our most exciting and prosperous, life purpose.

Find the flow of life.

I hope to find tea flow again.



Love, dreams and life



11. januar 2017

The Insight Of Life 6

Learning and development, Mindset, Psychology, Wellness


You have a purpose in life.

Believe in that, believe in yourself.

You have so much to give and so much to receive.

Use your good energy,

let it flow and you will surely grow.

Believe in the good,

spread your love and kindness.

Upen up to the energy in the Universe.

You are the Purpose.

The Sixth Insight teaches us that we most identify with our control drama style, when we lose our Connection and are under extreme stress. It is at these times that our unconscious mechanical behaviors surface. We can choose to either ignore and repress our method of gaining security, or focus on and overcome it. Once we have become aware of this behavior, we can stabilize our Connection and remain in regular contact with the true source of all energy. It is then that we can discover our life’s work or mission and start making our meaningful contribution to the world.

Before we can connect with the energy on a continuing basis, there is one large hurdle we must pass. The Sixth Insight deals with this issue.

We must stand up to our particular way of controlling others. Remember, the Fourth Insight reveals that humans have always felt short of energy and have sought to control each other to acquire the energy that flows between people. The Fifth then shows us that an alternative source exists, but we can not stay connected with this source until we become completely aware of the particular method that we, as individuals, use in our controlling, and stop doing it—because whenever we fall back into this habit, we get disconnected from the source.


Changing How We Gain Energy

Changing our habits does not come easy because it has been largely unconscious behavior. The key to bringing yourself fully into consciousness is to recognize how, in the early years of life, we all felt stressed and insecure in the world, and we grew disconnected from our Higher Energy source. As children, we discovered that we could get attention and would people move our way by acquiring a certain personality style of control. This replaced the Divine security and “energy” we so desperately need here on Earth. This style is something we repeat over and over again and usually serves to bring us and the people around us pain because we are stealing the energy we need. I call this our unconscious “control drama type” and each type also reveals how we human’s view the world around us.

I call it a “drama” because it is one familiar scene, like a scene in a movie, for which we write the script as children. Then we repeat this scene over and over in our daily lives without being fully aware of it. All we know is that the same kind of event occurs to us repeatedly. The problem is when we are repeating one scene over and over, the other scenes of our real life movie, the high adventure marked by coincidences, can not emerge.

The first step in the process of getting clear, for each of us, is to bring our particular control drama into full consciousness. Nothing can proceed until we really look at ourselves and discover what we are doing to manipulate for energy and to defend against pain.


Each of us must go back into our past, back into our early family life, and see how these habits developed. By recognizing the nature of how we control, we come closer to keeping these habits in our consciousness. Now, we can check ourselves, in the moment, and change how we gain our energy.


The Types of Control Dramas

Everyone manipulates for energy either aggressively, directly forcing people to pay attention to them, or passively, playing on people’s sympathy or curiosity to gain attention.

For instance, The Sixth Insight calls the intimidator drama, the most aggressive kind of drama for energy.  You experience someone threatening you, either verbally or physically. You are then forced, out of fear of something bad happening to you, to pay attention to them and thus, give them energy. The person confronting with you is pulling you into the most aggressive kind of drama for energy.

On the other hand, you may have the experience of someone telling you about bad things that are happening to them. The confrontation could be about their health or a relationship, and they want you to change your behavior to support them or be more sympathetic, sometimes even implying perhaps that you are responsible.  Other times they may tell you that if you refuse to do what they need, these awful things will continue or get worse. This person is seeking to control at the most passive level, which is what the Manuscript calls a poor me control drama.

Anyone’s drama can be observed according to where it falls on this measure from aggressive to passive. If a person is subtle in their aggression, finding fault and slowly undermining your world in order to get your energy, then this person would be an interrogator. Less passive than the interrogator would be your aloofness drama. (Trying to lure you into connection by acting distant and unreadable. They want you to connect with them, but they only partially connect themselves, while withholding information.) So the order of dramas, from aggressive to passive, goes this way: intimidator, interrogator, aloof, and poor me.

Remember, there is a tendency to see these dramas in others but to think that we are free from such devices. Each of us must transcend this illusion before we can go on. Almost all of us tend to be stuck, at least some of the time, in a drama and we have to step back and look at ourselves long enough to discover what it is.

Spread love

Spread love


Once we see our drama, what happens next?

We are truly free to become more than the unconscious act we play. We can find a higher meaning for our lives, the spiritual reason we were born to our particular families. We can begin to get clear about who we really are.  Once we find this truth, it can energize our lives, for this truth tells us who we are, the path we are on, what we are doing.

The process of finding your true spiritual identity involves looking at your whole life as one long story, trying to find a higher meaning. Begin by asking yourself this question: why was I born to this particular family? What might have been the purpose for that?

We are not merely the physical creation of our parents; we are also the spiritual creation. You were born to these two people, and their lives had an irrevocable effect on who you are. To discover your real self, you must admit that the real you began in a position between their truths. That’s why you were born there: to take a higher perspective on what they stood for. Your path is discovering a truth that is a higher synthesis of what these two people believed.

You are here because this is where you need to be to continue the evolution. Your whole life has been a long road leading directly to this moment.

When you fully integrate this view of your life, you will have achieved what the Manuscript calls a clear awareness of your spiritual path.

According to the Manuscript, we all must spend as much time as necessary going through this process of clearing your past. Most of us have a control drama we have to transcend. Once we do, we can comprehend the higher meaning of why we were born to our particular parents, and what all the twists and turns of our lives were preparing us to do.

The first thing I do is focus on the environment around me. Then I try to remember how everything looks when I’m being filled with energy. I do this by recalling the presence everything displays, the unique beauty and shape of everything, especially plants, and the way colors seem to glow and appear brighter.

Then I try to experience that feeling of closeness, the feeling that no matter how far away something is, that I can touch it, connect with it. And then I breathe it in.

When we visualize that each breath pulls energy into us and fills us like a balloon, we actually become more energized and feel much lighter and more buoyant.

After I breathe in the energy, I check to see if I have the right emotion. Love is not an intellectual concept or a moral imperative or anything else. It is a background emotion that exists when one is connected to the energy available in the universe, which, of course, is the energy of the Universe. That’s the level of energy you need to have.

Guiding Intuition and Synchronicity

As you fill up with inner energy, other kinds of thoughts enter your mind from a higher part of yourself. These are your intuitions. They feel different. They just appear in the back of your mind, sometimes in a kind of daydream or mini-vision, and they come to direct you, to guide you.

puffy clouds in a soft dreamy color with a paper texture overlay toned with a retro vintage instagram filter effect app or action

Humans meet all the time
be open to feel the rime
don´t be afraid give
it will make you live
Live your dreams
Not hard as it seems
Men and women feel free
Life is short – you see
I am looking forward to have my tea ;o)

Once you become conscious of the questions active in the moment, you always get some kind of intuitive direction of what to do, of where to go. You get a hunch about the next step. Always. The only time this will not occur is when you have the wrong question in mind. You see, the problem in life isn’t in receiving answers. The problem is in identifying your current questions. Once you get the answers right, the questions always come.  After you get an intuition of what might happen next, then the next step is to become very alert and watchful. Sooner or later Synchronicity or “coincidences” will occur to move you in the direction indicated by the intuition.  Though somewhat undetermined, our Intuitions can stand as a general goal that will help us understand, and follow, our Synchronistic path and help us move forward.

Now, we begin to receive a sense of clarity for where Synchronicity is taking us; what our “Life Direction” might be. This could fall within any area of human endeavor or in the areas of life from relationships to finding passion in our careers (education, business, medicine, or government services.)  It is usually a vague glimpse of our future destiny, one that invokes in us a heightened sense of inspiration and fulfillment.

Each of us must look at the significant turns in our lives and reinterpret them in light of our evolutionary question. Our children take our level of energy and raise it even higher. This is how we, as humans, continue the evolution. The difference now, with this generation, is that we are ready to do it consciously and to accelerate the process. No matter how afraid you become, you now have no choice. Once you learn what life is about, there is no way to erase the knowledge. If you try to do something else with your life, you will always sense that you are missing something.

The truth you are pursuing is as important as the evolution of the universe itself, for it enables evolution to continue. We all have a spiritual purpose, a mission, that we have been pursuing without being fully aware of it, and once we bring it completely into consciousness, our lives can take off.

Now it’s time to learn to evolve by yourself…consciously.

I believe in you and me



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8. januar 2017

The Insight Of Life 5

Learning and development, Mindset, Psychology, Wellness


The Fifth Insight is called, “The Message Of The Mystics.” It builds on the previous insight, “The Struggle For Power,” which shows how humans have been unconsciously competing for the only part of the energy we have access to; the part that flows between people. We integrate the Fifth INSIGHT when we see how the spiritual world can provide all we need if we can only open ourselves up to it, understand and feel it. It doesn´t have to be that mystic. Just open up feel your whole body as a good energycenter that gives energy to yourself and the world around you (don´t be a drainer). You have so much to give and there are so much to get. When you get it. You will get and give more energy than ever in your life.

The state of the mystical experience is like leaping out, feeling safe and secure, while glimpsing the future. We breakthrough, at least momentarily, to experience a moment that seems to move us past our normal level of consciousness and we sense an ultimate connection. Sometimes, this event comes through a “spiritual practice” we’ve found that brings us to this moment. It could be a peak experience at a house of worship, or through prayer, meditation, music, communing with nature or a host of other points of entry. Have you had such experiences, you are very welcome to write if you want.

It is usually hard to sustain this experience for very long, as we live in a world where the conflict is still occurring. We see that we will get knocked out of this advanced state and fall back to the level of our old selves easily as we react to our environment. See the great film “Captain Fantastic” by Matt Ross. Sometimes 100% ideals can´t fit in the established world. So you can either fight to change that or adapt more or less.


This is the matter of slowly regaining what we glimpsed, a little at a time, to begin a progression back toward that ultimate consciousness. To do this, we must think of our lives as a constant flow of giving and receiving energy. Thus, we learn to consciously fill up as we interact in our daily lives. So open up and feel the fantastic energy around you.

Existing in a constant state of energy brings on the coincidences, and the coincidences help us actualize the new level on a permanent basis.

When something occurs beyond chance, and we are led forward in our lives, then we become complete people resolved to fulfill an intended mission. We sense as though we are attaining what destiny is leading us to become.

When this occurs, the level of energy that brought on the coincidences in the first place is instituted in us. We can be knocked out of it and lose energy when we are afraid, but this level serves as a new outer limit that can be regained quite easily.  We fill up, grow, fill up and grow again. That is how we as humans continue the evolution..

This evolution has been going on unconsciously throughout human history. That explains why civilization has progressed and why humans have grown larger, lived longer, and so forth. Now, however, we are making the whole process conscious at large by realizing the human potential.  That is what this movement toward a world-wide spiritual consciousness is all about.

The 5th insight deals with how we don’t have to steal energy from others but instead can absorb energy directly from the awareness of a spiritual connection if only we can open up to it.

We can learn to sense and become one with the Spirit, which is rich with energy. Once this insight is understood, we no longer have the need to engage in situations that attempt to dominate or create conflict with others.

autumn forest background

Having and giving energy from and to other people is one of the most important things for you in life. Every human being you meet in your way has energy to give you if the person is willing to it. Some persons will only drain you from energy. A week ago I meet a woman at a good friends house. She had/has great energy and good wisdom to give. That is wunderful. I am open to it and willing to give back. So if we are more open to each other, we have so much to give and get at the same time.

Recognizing that such vast stores of energy are ours to use freely will help mankind to eliminate the many tensions and stresses that arise from interactions with others who drain energy.

Instantly, we receive a “fast forward” boost in our sense of well-being, peace, and even blissfulness. An experience described by prophets and saints as a greater sense of knowing and wisdom, and the deep emotion of love. Convincing us even more by “foretelling” that spiritual consciousness is real and provides a look ahead to the levels of awareness -the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution.

Love, health and wisdom





6. januar 2017

The Insight Of Life 4

Learning and development, Mindset, Psychology, Wellness


Fourth Insight is called, “The Struggle for Power.” It builds on the previous insight, “A Matter of Energy,” which shows our world as a field of spiritual energy, adaptable to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors all centered around of GIVING.

We integrate the Fourth INSIGHT, when we see the human world as a vast competition for energy and thus for power. The Fourth Insight points out that for a long time, humans have been unconsciously competing for the only part of the energy, we have been open to; that part that flows between people. Conflict occurs when humans feel the need to control and dominate one another.

Eg arguments between people in relationships are, in fact, about who will hold the “power.” and feel powerful and in control.

When we use a “Control Drama” to hold power over another, we absorb their energy, leading to a sense of gratification and motivation to continue the practice. We then become ‘addicted’ to the sensation, and we will get progressively more demanding and out of control in our efforts to absorb even more energy from our interactions with others.

Couple of elephants who keeps with their trunks like a lovers in black and white and a surreal background

Couple of elephants who keeps with their trunks like lovers in black and white and a surreal background

The Energy Source

The 4th Insight announced that eventually humans would find wholeness in a spiritual universe made of magnetic energy, an energy that can sustain us and respond to our expectations.  Yet, we would also see that because we have been disconnected from the larger source of this energy, we are left feeling weak, insecure and in need.

In the face of this shortage, we have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have fully understood: by seeking to psychologically steal it from one another. We seek to find some way to control and thus to remain on top in the encounter.  All we know is that we feel weak, insecure and lost and when we control others we feel better. What we don’t realize is that this sense of feeling better hurts the other person. It is their energy that we have stolen. Though this struggle is largely unconscious, it underlies all of the human conflicts in the world.  Most people go through their lives in a constant hunt for someone else’s energy.


The Answer

Spiritual consciousness is the key to ending human conflict in the world because, during each encounter, we are receiving energy from another source–a source we will eventually learn to pull from unconsciously.

Once humans understand their struggle, the insight continued, we would immediately begin to transcend this conflict. We would begin to break free from the competition over mere human energy…because we would finally be able to receive our energy from another source.

As you emerge into the Fourth Insight from the Third, you are becoming fully aware of the Universe’s ruling principle: GIVING and see it returning in your life.  Now practice giving your energy instead of taking it and see how you feel.

When someone has asked you a question about how to handle a problem, did you ever feel as though the answer arrived inside you spontaneously or intuitively? And when you are fully aware and GIVE your answer did you afterward feel more intuitive about your subsequent life decisions?


Open to Loving Energy

You do not make yourself love. You allow love to enter you.

When you appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of people and things, you receive energy. When you get to a level where you feel love, then you can send the energy back by just willing it so.

The role of love has been misunderstood for a long time. Love is not something we should do to be good or to make the world a better place out of some abstract moral responsibility, or because we should give up our indulgences. Connecting with energy feels like excitement, then euphoria, and then love. Finding enough energy to maintain that sense of love and giving it to your personal relationships certainly helps the world, and it immediately helps us.


Awareness is the First Step

As we start to understand that “Control Dramas” exist, we can further enhance our awareness of these behaviors displayed by others and ourselves. In this way, we can take the steps to transcend and interpret them on a much deeper level, both spiritually and psychologically.

It is important to know what is truly happening during these disputes and how to deal with them in a positive way. For one thing, human disagreements always seem more intense than they should be and often linger much longer than necessary. To an objective observer, these kinds of arguments often seem petty and should be rationally resolved through compromise and by developing a more balanced leadership within our relationships.

When we seek the ethic of giving and not taking from, or manipulating others, we step into consciousness. We begin to detect our ego’s past manipulation devices,–Control Dramas– we have used to build ourselves up at another person’s expense. If we are mindful and catch ourselves every time, we begin our “Control Drama,” eventually our “Control Drama” falls away completely. The dramatics begin to fall away until we can stop ourselves before we ever lapse into such a climax. Now, through giving, we can move forward Synchronistically in freedom — ready to experience, even more, extraordinary moments of God’s connection.


Find your controldrama, start seeing the beauty of the world, give unconditional love and receive the best energy from the world ever.

No more controldrama




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4. januar 2017

The Insight Of Life 3

Learning and development, Mindset, Wellness

James Redfield calls The third insight ‘A Matter of Energy.’ It builds on the previous insight ‘A Critical Mass’ which demonstrates the connection we have as humans throughout history and our ability to influence the culture in which we live.

We integrate the THIRD INSIGHT the moment when we realize that the world is a field of spiritual energy, which is flexible to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The universe is not a dead, uncaring place; it is an energetically connected environment that is Divinely constructed to bring our greatest desires into fulfillment.   The essence of our lives, our bodies, and the other physical life forms are vessels for this energy. We have sensed this energy in the natural realm long before we were able to understand it.  And it exists to aid in our efforts and to empower us to fulfill our dreams.  When we make the connection between the energy around us and our energy within, we can reach the steeple of our potential.

Heather flowers on a fall, autumn meadow in shining settng sun that gives warm mood. Vintage retro style.

Sensitivity to Beauty

Our first encounter with this energy field is when we recognize beauty in the world.  The perception of beauty is a kind of barometer telling each of us how close we are to actually seeing the energy.  As we become more connected to the Spirit, the beauty of nature becomes more striking. When something looks to us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness of shape and distinction of color. It stands out. It shines. It seems almost shimmering compared to the dullness of other objects less attractive. We find the things we each perceive as beautiful may be different, but the actual properties we ascribe to beautiful objects are similar.


Universe’s ruling principal: GIVING.

Once we are fully aware of this energy as an unlimited source available to us, we can tap into it surrounding us constantly in our daily lives. Through it, we can accomplish what would previously be considered to be impossible.  All we have to do is align our lives with the Universe’s ruling principle: GIVING.

Of course, the first step is to keep our own energy high; then we can start the flow of energy coming into us, through us, and into another person. The more we appreciate their wholeness, their inner beauty, the more the energy flows into them, and naturally, the more that flows into us….Two or more people doing this together can reach incredible highs as they build one another up and have it immediately returned.

To do this, we must be disciplined in harnessing and focusing our energy and attention on the purpose and destiny for our lives. Our energy will then flow out to fulfill the purpose and create the life we are meant to live. It will touch the lives of all we meet and as we stay focused events will happen; chance meetings and opportunities, all coincidentally working together to bring our destiny to fruition.


Evidence: Human Intention and Karmic Design

We begin to fulfill the latest discoveries of quantum physics. The whole of Einstein’s life work was to show that what we perceive as hard matter is an empty space with a pattern of energy running through it. This includes ourselves. And what quantum physics has shown is that when we look at these patterns of energy at smaller and smaller levels, startling results can be seen.

Research has revealed that when you divide small parts of this energy, what we call elementary particles and try to observe how they operate, the act of perception itself alters the results.  It is as if these elementary particles are influenced by what the experimenter presumes. This is true even if the particles must appear in places they couldn’t go, given the laws of the universe as we know them: two places at the same moment, forward or backward in time, that sort of thing.

In other words, the basic material of the universe, at its core, is looking like a kind of pure energy that is malleable to human intention and expectation. In this way, the third insight begins a new view of life. To create this new “world view,” we must understand and live in alignment with the universe’s karmic (giving) design.

Humans are unique in a world of energy in that they can project their energy consciously. We have the ability to influence what happens in our lives through our attitudes, desires and expectations. We are now able to create the destiny that we long to see. Our thoughts and words are powerful. Our beliefs influence how the universe answers.

As we open up to Synchronicity and Intuitive guidance, we realize that we, in fact, we share minds with one another and the Divine. The path to this majestic life -lies NOT in ruling others or taking what we want. It lies in always looking out for the “best interests” of others, and at the same time, striving to perceive something they need in order to manifest their dreams. If we give them this information, it feels Synchronistic to them and elevates their lives.


What’s more, when we practice improving in this way, it creates an immediate karmic effect in our lives. When we help others, we karmically begin to attract people into our lives who act the same way; they in turn, help us. These helpers are also being given intuitive suggestions of how they can help us. We experience their aid as exactly what we need at that very moment to extend our destined flow in life.

Love, health and wisdom



3. januar 2017

The Insight Of Life 2

Learning and development, Mindset, Wellness

The historical perspective

We have to be open to all the life wise experiences around us,

that comes from all the people we meet in our way.


We have to be the good example for the future generations.

We have to give love, wisdom and the right knowledge further to our children.

We have a great responsibility.

When we have recognized the background for our experiences, then we will probably accord them greater validity. We have to start this global transformation process now.

The second Insigt Of Life has the porpose to provide us with this exact historical perspective. If we can get the whole human historical identity, we can unit all the energies from ancient time til today and get a more meaningsful picture of the purpose of life. To this we have to be more together with the older generations to get their perspective and to listen to their histories and life experiences. But it is not just our culture we have to learn the history of. We have to learn all other cultures history to get the wisdom that can unit all people in the world.


We are here together…..

Love, health and wisdom