Alpha vs Beta Male

Alpha vs Beta Male

We define the beta male as any man who has consciously or unconsciously defaulted on his responsibility to become the master of his destiny and therefore fails to learn how to master his own mind and emotions.

As a result of this failure to grow…

The beta male displays unstable energy, passive tendencies, and childish reasoning. He will find himself growing increasingly frustrated, incompetent, and oblivious to the evolutionary rewards of life.

How can you spot a beta male?
How can you spot a beta male?

The terms beta (immature) male applies to:

  • Men who default, evade, or ignore their responsibility to grow
  • Men who fail to learn how to master their own minds and emotions
  • Men who are closed to learning
  • Men whose reasoning skills remain stuck in adolescence
  • Men who see themselves as victims of life, rather than students of life
  • Men who lack patience, integrity, and self-control as well as the desire to correct these shortcomings
  • Men who seek ways to escape, ignore or evade reality
  • Men who are driven to win approval at any cost
  • Men who seek dishonest advantages

Note: The term beta male doesn’t apply to a man’s looks, money, age or status. A man can be in his 60s or 70s and still be a beta male; he can be 16 and display alpha tendencies. The term beta strictly applies to any man who defaults on accepting responsibility for his own destiny, and who thereby fails to learn how to master his mind and emotions.

How can you spot a beta male?

The beta male has three key things working against him:

  1. His passive energy
  2. His lack of emotional control
  3. His low-status behaviors

By now, you might be wondering…

Are some men imprinted to be alphas and others to be betas?

Is it possible that some men are just born with alpha DNA, while others are doomed to remain forever beta? No. Banish any thought that alpha potential is predestined for some men and not for others. Because, unlike wolves, human beings can “choose” their destiny.

Every man has both alpha and beta potential.

The alpha blueprint is hard-wired in every human male, just like the blueprint to become an oak tree is imprinted in every acorn. In the midnight of his soul, every man knows he has true alpha potential.

However, unlike other mammals that don’t have a choice but to be what they were meant to be, human beings do have a choice. We have this pesky little thing called “free will”, which unfortunately also includes the freedom not to answer the call to fulfil one’s highest potential.

So, the question every man must ask himself is: How consistently do you answer the call to fulfill your alpha potential? Do you display more alpha or more beta tendencies in your daily life?

To help you answer that question, take a look at the following info graphic.

Alpha vs Beta

This article was updated on November 12, 2022