Exercises That Will Give Men's Sex Lives A BIG BOOST

Exercises that will give men's sex lives a BIG BOOST

One of the best ways to improve your performance in bed and boost your self-confidence at the same time is by making yourself look sexier. People who enjoy a balanced diet and follow a regular exercise regimen look and feel better than those who don't. When you feel better about your body, it becomes much easier to show it off to your partner.

Meanwhile, exercise provides you with better circulation and increased endurance to help you last longer in bed. You also gain the strength required to try out some of the most exciting sexual positions.

In general, exercise helps us feel better and makes our body capable of boosting our libidos. As you exercise, there is an increase in the flow of blood around the body, including the flow to the genital area.

Simultaneously, various neurotransmitters (hormones) are released that make you feel at ease and happy. All of these positive feelings and increased bodily functions help to make you feel more interested in sex and enjoy a better performance in bed.

At the same time, exercise is simply good for your overall well-being, along with your sexual health. Various sexual problems like hormonal imbalances and erectile dysfunction can arise from unhealthy diets and lifestyles. Men who do regular exercise can increase their body's blood flow, allowing the penis to become erect more easily.

People who regularly exercise will tell you how they find themselves looking and feeling sexier, while also being much more comfortable while having sex itself. You don't believe us? Check out the top 10 ways you can work out to boost your sex life.

1. Do cardio for your libido

Cardio training offers a myriad of benefits for your sexual well-being, as well as your general health. The primary effect of cardio exercise is increased stamina and endurance. Working out with cardio helps to improve your body's breathing and circulation by strengthening the heart and lungs. Increased stamina levels mean you can last longer in bed without getting tired.

There are many kinds of cardiovascular training. You can switch between them to vary your training.

This type of exercise is actually quite similar to sex itself. Intercourse can be its own kind of cardio workout.

So, doing some running or cycling three or four times a week can be a good way to practice for your bedroom sessions.

Cardio is also well-known as an effective way to reduce stress levels. When you are anxious, you can find it hard to focus and enjoy sex. Thus, getting rid of that stress will certainly help you out.

In terms of effects on your physical appearance, cardio does not work to increase your muscle mass enormously. But, it will help you lose weight and become much more toned. If you look sexier, you will feel sexier.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that you should not train too hard or too much. This tip applies to this entire list of exercises and is extremely important. Over-training can easily harm your sexual performance and even make certain problems worse.

So, keep it simple and don't overdo it. If you wear yourself out every day, then you won't have the energy left to enjoy some private time with your partner. Similarly, if you do too much and injured yourself, you could put yourself out of action for an extended period.

2. Yoga can relax your mind and boost your sex life

More and more men have opened their eyes to yoga. Yoga is the perfect way to free your mind of stressful thoughts while exercising your entire body.

The practice is famous for its sexual health benefits, being capable of helping you with your libido, sexual performance, and enjoyment of intercourse.

As with various exercises, yoga can improve your blood flow, leading to easier arousals and long-lasting erections. The yoga session also helps to greatly improve your flexibility, giving you access to a wider variety of sexual positions.

If you are just getting started with yoga, we can recommend the following three positions for you to try out for their sexual health benefits.

  • Upward-Facing Dog: Lie on your front with your legs shoulder-width apart and the tops of your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hands up to the sides of your chest and then lift your torso up off the ground. Try and lift your head as high as possible and push your shoulders back and hold the pose for at least 15 seconds, while controlling your breathing.
  • Reclined Butterfly: This one is ideal for your hips and thighs, muscles that are essential for sexual activity. To begin, lie down on your back. Bend your legs in towards your torso, then grab your feet with your hands and pull them close to your chest, keeping your soles together.

At the same time, use your elbows to push your knees apart. Try to relax your back while holding this position for at least 15 seconds.

  • Camel: Begin on your knees. Put your hands on your lower back and push them forwards while pushing your chest up and outwards. Throw your head back and try to lean your chest up to the ceiling. More advanced practitioners can try to hold their heels while keeping the pose stable for 15 seconds.

3. Speed walking for better sex

Walking is a simple way to get fit. Anyone can do it, and you can change the speed and length of your walks to suit your own schedule and needs.

For men, speed walking has also been proven to help with erectile problems, as it gets the blood flowing more regularly and rapidly, which is necessary for a man to attain an erection.

A Harvard study of over 30,000 men aged 50 and above proved that those who undertook regular aerobic exercise, like speed walking, had a 30 percent lower risk of erectile dysfunction. The science behind this is that speed walking makes our hearts beat faster and pump blood quickly around the body to the muscles that need it, improving overall circulation and making sure our sexual organs get the blood they need.

4. Kegel exercises to train your pelvic muscles

Kegel exercises, named after a Los Angeles-based doctor named Arnold Kegel, are specifically designed to train and develop the muscles associated with sex.

They are also known as pelvic floor exercises and involve squeezing the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly.

These muscles are what help you hold in urine. Kegel exercises work to help women with incontinence, but they are also helpful for men. Kegels can help reduce the risks of premature ejaculation and make a man's erections stronger and longer-lasting.

If you are not sure how to do these exercises, try holding in your urine mid-stream. The muscles you use to do this are the exact same muscles you need to be working out. So, if you can hold in your urine then you already know how to do it.

An effective method is to squeeze the muscles for about 10 seconds, then relax for five seconds, then repeat this as many times as you can. An amazing thing about this exercise is that you can do it at any time of day, and in any location.

5. Lift some weights

Weightlifting and strength training in general, can both have significant effects on your libido at a hormonal level.

Lifting weights increases the levels of testosterone secreted in your body, and this hormone is vital for sexual well-being in both men and women. But, it's more important in men.

If you want to focus on testosterone production, you should choose big weights and focus on a low amount of reps. You will want to use a weight that makes you struggle on the seventh or eighth rep. If you can do 15 reps or more with a weight, then that means it's too light.

Higher levels of testosterone help to boost our desire for sex, as well as improve performance levels and make erection easier and stronger. In general, it's also beneficial to get bigger muscles as you will look and feel sexier, while also being able to try more strength-oriented sexual positions.

6. Do the plank

The plank pose is quite similar to the sort of position you find yourself in during missionary sex, or various other sexual positions.

It is therefore ideal to train yourself for sex by holding a plank position for 15 sec. than 10 sec. break, again 15 sec. plank etc. Do this 4 times in the beginning (4 x 15 sec.).

That way, you will be able to last longer in this position in bed without your arms getting tired or painful. Doing some plank exercises also immensely helps to strengthen your abs and core, giving you more endurance overall.

To get into a plank position, you just need to begin the same way as you would if you were doing a push-up. Arms should be shoulder-width apart and the classic plank pose involves you lowering yourself onto your forearms and then holding that position for as long as you can.

You can also change things around a bit by holding the standard push-up pose. Doing the plank on your knees, or changing the width of your arms or legs can make things easier or more difficult for you.

7. Lying leg raises for a stronger core

This exercise is ideal for strengthening your abs and core and improving your ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. You will be able to support your body weight for longer and control your thrusts by having a stronger core.

To do lying leg raises, you need to lie flat on your back with your legs stretched out on the floor, heels together. For more spinal support you can place a towel or cushion under your lower back.

Arms should be flat by your sides. You then need to raise your legs straight up until they are perpendicular to your body, or just get them as high as you can.

Don't use your upper body or momentum to lift the legs, keep the rest of your body still. You should then slowly lower your legs back down. You should feel the exercise affecting your abs. You can adjust speed and do more reps if you find this exercise too easy.

8. Do some squats

Doing squats is a remarkable way to improve your sexual performance. Squats help to boost testosterone levels and improve blood flow all around the pelvic region. This makes erections easier and gives you an improved sex drive overall.

To do a squat, you should begin standing up straight. You then want to keep your back as straight as possible while bending at the hips and knees until your butt is as low as possible.

Try to keep your knees above your ankles. You can then slowly return to the standing position, and repeat the exercise at least 15 times. To make things more intense, hold a dumbbell in each hand as you squat.

9. Push-ups to improve your performance

Push-ups are one of the most commonly-used and effective exercises out there. You don't need any equipment and can vary the exercise to affect different muscles in different ways.

This exercise will give you more strength in your chest, arms, back, and core and improve your overall endurance. It also makes you more capable of performing the sexual positions that require plenty of upper body strength.

For the basic push-up, you need to begin in a plank position, with your arms slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Your feet should line up with your hips. Try to keep your back straight and your butt in the air, also avoid letting your chin fall into your chest. You can then bend your arms at the elbows to lower yourself to the floor and then push back up.

You can alter the speed at which you do this exercise. Faster speeds will result in more endurance and lean muscles while slower movements provide more muscle growth.

10. Go for a swim to the last longer

Swimming is an effective all-body workout. It involves all of the major muscle groups and is the perfect way to keep fit and boost your sexual performance at the same time.

Another Harvard study found that people over 60 who went for regular swims felt like they had the sex lives of 40-year-olds.

Swimming will help you lose weight, tone your body to look sexier, and improve your stamina levels. It helps you go for longer in bed without getting tired.

Some important tips

Breathe. While exercising and while having sex, people often forget this quite simple thing but it makes all the difference. Paying attention to your respiration can have a huge effect on your sexual performance.

When we experience an orgasm, we tend to suddenly hold our breath without even realising it.

However, when you breathe, you are pumping more blood around your body, particularly to your sexual organs. This in turn makes them more sensitive and actually makes orgasms more enjoyable.

Take it easy. Too much exercise can cause injuries, and end up ruining your sex life. Workouts that are too intense can actually reduce your levels of testosterone and other sex hormones, so relax your body. It's vital to exercise regularly, but trying to fit five workouts in one day won?t help you at all. Plus, if you hurt yourself, you might find it impossible to make love or exercise at all until you are healed.

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