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The concept and meaning of YOGA 1

In YOGA the meaning is to tie the strands of the mind together and to attain what was previously unatainable. The starting point is that there is something that we are unable to do today. When we find the means for bringing that desire into action, that step is YOGA. In fact, every change is yoga. E.g., when we want to do something new with our body, or learn the meaning of the word yoga with the help of this text, or gain more understanding of ourselves or others through a discussion, we have reached a point where we have never been before. Each of these movements and changes is YOGA. Therefore Yoga is very much a vision and lifestyle.

Yoga is also your actions. Yoga also means acting in such way that all our intentions is directed toward the activity in which we are currently engaged. If you practise yoga, you will create a state in mind that makes you present with all the things you do. Really present in every action that you do in every moment.

The advantage of attentiveness is that we perform each task better and at the same time are conscious of our actions. The possibility of making mistakes becomes correspondingly smaller the more our intention develops. When we are attentive to our actions we are not prisoners to our habits; we do not need to do something today simply because we did it yesterday. Instead there is the possibility of considering our actions fresh and so avoiding thoughtless repetition. You are your body and your actions. What do you need now and what don´t you need? What is good for you and what is not? You can control that through YOGA. Yoga is on your side.

Yoga is love, desires, mental and physical connection and development.



Yoga gives you yourself and the univers …….

No matter where you are and what you do.

Love, yoga and wisdom


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